Time for Holiday Savings πŸ€‘

To celebrate this Holiday Season (and Black Friday/Cyber Monday), you can purchase a selection of my courses and educational products at a significant discount (including a few brand new things).

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Remember, these holiday savings vanish at 11:59 pm PT on 11/30 πŸ•›

That’s in…

Here are your special deals for you this Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Season.

[πŸ†•] Kai’s Email Template Library

Get 23 pre-written email templates for those ‘awkward’ client emails

Do you, dear reader, need to consign yourself to a lifetime of:

  • Hard-to-write ‘awkward’ client emails? (that take so much time + energy to write and send)
  • Emails that keep the lights on past quitting time? (with you worrying about what to say and how best to say it)
  • Emails that keep you up late worrying about if you’ll get a reply? (and what to say if you do hear back)

I say no.

If you start writing your reply from a pre-written customizable email template, you’ll find it takes you less time to write and send a better reply.

Which is the reason why I’ve put together my Email Template Library just for you. Inside my Email Template Library, you’ll find:

23 pre-written email templates!

Get an actionable starting point (and β€˜Kai Approved’ email templates) for those hard-to-write client situations.

See a sample email template right here: πŸ’Œ How to politely decline a request

Your copy of Writing Really Good Emails!

You’ll learn how to write really good emails that people want to reply to (and you’ll get my tips on using email templates). Each of the 8 chapters is full of actionable advice to help you write really good emails that get replies.

Your Really Good Emails Checklist!

Your checklist covers learn the 10 critical items to look for in your emails before you tap β€˜send.’

With Extra Holiday Savings

You can get my complete Email Template Library for $95 $70 this Holiday Season (and save $25).

Add the Email Template Library directly to your shopping cart with your discount automatically applied:

Or, read more about the Email Template Library, what’s included, and answers to questions right here:

[πŸ’Œ] Writing Really Good Emails

Get my brand new book that will help you write better emails β€” and save 20% this Holiday season

What goes into writing an email that gets a reply? Heck, what can you start to do to:

  • Write better emails
  • That people enjoy reading
  • And get people wanting to reply to you

Inside my new book Writing Really Good Emails, you’ll learn what goes into writing emails that get replies.

Writing Really Good Emails is 8 chapters long. Each chapter features actionable ‘do this, not that’ advice on writing really good emails.

You can get Writing Really Good Emails for $25 $20 this holiday season (and save $5):

Or, read more about Writing Really Good Emails right here:

[πŸ’°] Quick Start Roadmapping

Save $25 on Quick Start Roadmapping this Holiday season

Can I tell you a secret? Writing proposals for free doesn’t pay the bills.

Instead, start charging for what you’ve been giving away for free all these years: expert insights into the challenges your clients are facing based on your years of experience.

When you start selling discovery sessions, you’ll:

  • Write fewer proposals (and start charging for your expertise)
  • Radically differentiate yourself from your competitors (you aren’t ‘just’ a pair of hands)
  • Sell strategy instead of implementation (unlocking new lines of business for you)

Inside Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll receive everything you need to start selling, running, and delivering strategy-focused ‘roadmapping’ discovery services, including:

  • Quick Start Roadmapping: The Book. This detailed book covers the step-by-step process to follow to offer, sell, and deliver paid roadmaps to your clients.
  • Roadmapping Resource Library. With this library full of agendas, templates, checklists, questions, videos, and Standard Operating Procedures, you’ll have everything you need to get started selling and delivering your roadmaps.
  • Kurt Elster Video Interview on Roadmapping. You’ll love this 50-minute video interview with Kurt Elster on how Ethercycle, his Shopify agency, uses roadmapping as one of their service offerings. Watch the video interview (and read the included human-generated transcript).

You can get Quick Start Roadmapping for $120 $95 this holiday season (and save $25).

Or, read more about Quick Start Roadmapping right here:

[🌟] Website Video Teardown + Copy Review

Get a video teardown of your homepage and service pages, plus feedback on your sales copy. (Only 4 available)

Is your website doing a good job as your sales person?

For most of us, the answer is a resounding ‘I dunno’ and a low-key worry.

Stop worrying about your website. Instead, get an expert ‘second opinion’ on your homepage, service pages, and sales copy.

You’ll get direct and actionable feedback on your website, guidance on what isn’t working, and suggestions on what to do to improve and grow.

Here’s how this works:

  • You fill out a form and tell me a little about your business, your website, and your questions
  • You get a recorded video teardown of your website and key pages (e.g., homepage, service page, newsletter, blog) and my feedback on what’s working, what could be improved, and what to change
  • Plus, you’ll get my live feedback on your marketing copy. As I step through your website, I’ll suggest improvements, rewrites, and tweaks to improve your messaging.

You don’t need to use this service immediately when you purchase it. You can put it in your back pocket and use it on a website down the road. (No expiration. Just reply to your receipt and let me know when you’re ready to use it.)

You can purchase your Website Video Teardown + Copy Review for $350 $300 this Holiday Season.

(Note: this is the lowest price you’ll see for this service. On December 1st, I’m raising the price for the Website Video Teardown + Copy Review to $600. Order now and lock in your savings.)

Only 4 Website Video Teardowns + Copy Reviews are available at this discounted price.

Add the Website Video Teardown + Copy Review directly to your cart (with your discount automatically applied):


Remember, these holiday savings vanish at 11:59 pm PT on 11/30 πŸ•›

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