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Hey there, I’m Kai Davis

These days I’m ‘Your Shopify SEO Guy’ and focused on growing Double Your Ecommerce 🚀.

I help Shopify and Shopify Plus stores grow with Search Engine Optimization and Digital Public Relations.

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Indie Consultants + Experienced Freelancers: Get access to a treasure trove of resources, guides, videos, interviews, and more to help you market and grow your business.

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Are you looking to market and grow your business? You’ll love the treasure trove of resources I’ve put together in my Premium Resource Center (‘The Vault’).

The Premium Resource Center is my gift to you, a library full of articles, summaries, references, primers, manuals, videos, interviews, downloadables, and more on marketing and growing your business.

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Stop writing proposals for free. Start selling paid discovery + strategy as a productized service offering. Learn how with Quick Start Roadmapping.

Stop writing proposals.
Start selling paid discovery.

With Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll learn how to:

  • Start selling paid strategy-focused ‘roadmapping’ projects
  • Stop writing proposals (and start charging for your insight)
  • Radically differentiate yourself from your competitors (you aren’t ‘just’ a pair of hands)

You’ll see a fantastic return on your investment when you sell your first paid roadmap, no matter if you sell it for $500, $1500, or $5000+.

Get access to a blueprint for your email outreach campaigns, an email template library with 40+ templates, and 6 hours of interviews and educational content.

Learn how to email anyone
and get a reply

You want to get more clients, but you’re not sure where to start. You’ve heard of “Email Outreach” before, but you’re not quite sure what it is or if it could work for you.

The Outreach Blueprint covers just the things you need to know to run your own email outreach campaign, with simple terminology, a concise format, and vital information for consultants and freelancers.

Plus, you’ll get access to:

  • Outreach Email Template Library, full of 47 (!) best-practice email templates I’ve written, tested, and refined over the years.(Includes templates for Sales Outreach, Referral Outreach, Marketing Outreach, Market Research, and Client Follow-Up.)
  • Video Library, with 6 video presentations and interviews over 2+ hours, featuring guests and actionable information to help you succeed with your email outreach. Featuring interviews with Jake Jorgovan (‘Outreach Strategies’), Robert Williams (Writing an Effective Email’), Steli Efti (‘The Importance of Follow-Up’) and pre-recorded video presentations on A Freelancer’s Guide to Outreach, Q&A on Digital Outreach, and Building Better Outreach Lists.
  • Exercise Library, with 2 exercises for you to practice to identify your unique story and pre-qualify prospects.

Browse all of my products, books, and courses in my store

Learn repeatable marketing systems and get more leads

What would another 3-6 clients this year mean for your business? For most of us, it would mean the difference between ‘feast’ and ‘famine.’

Browse the shelves and pick from my 10 courses, books, and products to help you implement repeatable marketing systems to get more leads (and close more clients).

Get an actionable list of what changes to make to improve your website and make more money.

Your website should be your best salesperson. Is it doing it’s job?

Is your website making you money? With the Website + Copywriting Teardown, you’ll get actionable, specific feedback on what to change to make your website your most effective salesperson.

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Take control of your lead generation with personalized strategy, answers to your questions, and advice from someone who has been there.

Get a ‘do this, not that’ action plan for your lead generation

A Lead Generation Action Plan is an opportunity for you to get clarity on the path to growing your business and getting more leads as an independent consultant or experienced freelancer.

Working together, we’ll review the business outcomes you want to achieve over the coming months, discuss your options, set goals, and define a lead generation plan for you to get there.

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What Readers Have To say

Thanks for all you do. I sign up for (and unsubscribe from) a lot of emails, but I always keep yours because they offer quick, uncomplicated, no bull-shit value!

Dina N., Founder, Glowfly Marketing

Kai, I really appreciate what you bring to what I’d call ‘modern’ consulting (between me and you, I’ve grown a wee bit tired of just reading Alan Weiss)

– Brandon M.

I get a ton of newsletters these days, but I always look forward to Kai’s letters (and actually read them)

– Nicholas S., Founder, Growth Marketing Toolbox

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