Have you felt like your marketing is stuck in a rut?

From the inside of your business, it’s hard to know what to work on next.

Maybe you’re a generalist trying to nail a new target market.

You’ve been wondering what to focus on to attract your ideal leads and clients. But you aren’t sure what steps to take.

Perhaps you’ve had a decent amount of clients coming in lately, but they’re all way outside of your specialization.

Sure, you’re doing the work to keep the lights on, but you’re anxious to get working on your preferred projects.

Or possibly you’ve found yourself trying a bunch of marketing to get more clients, but you haven’t seen the results you want.

If you could find a system that works to get you the clients (and projects) you want, you’d stick with it. But nothing has worked so far.

You’ve probably even read a small mountain of business books, but you still don’t know what to do to grow your business.

How are you supposed to figure all of this out in the middle of your work? You can’t take time off from that, you’ve got bills to pay.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some help figuring out what you should do next? Someone who could tell you what you need to do first and what you can safely ignore for now?

Imagine knowing precisely what to do next

Imagine this:

  • Getting off the hamster wheel and feeling like you’re making progress building a business
  • Working fewer hours per week without feeling guilty for taking time off from your client work
  • Dramatically increasing your income without awkward conversations with clients
  • Having personalized, step-by-step guidance about what to do next from someone who has already been there
I’d shout this one from the rooftops: “If you want momentous progress in your business, hire Kai Davis.”

Marissa Bracke, Marketing Consultant

Sometimes all it takes to get unstuck is talking to the right person at the right time.

Put the analysis paralysis behind you. Learn what to do next by working 1-on-1 with a 12+ year veteran of the freelancing industry.

When we work together, you’ll get no-nonsense advice that you can immediately put into action. This advice isn’t generic “hand-wavy” principles. This is insight and perspective explicitly customized to you, your business, your goals, and your personality.

How coaching works

In short: you come with questions and challenges, I share my perspective and give you answers. Together, we’ll define a plan. I’ll help get you started and remind you to do the work.

First, you’ll get invited to your private Slack channel. You’ll also receive your copy of your welcome packet, your kickoff questionnaire (“The Business Health Analysis”), and an invitation to Freelance Camp, my community for freelancers.

My work with Kai started with The Business Health Analysis. This in-depth questionnaire helped me tremendously! By completing the Business Health Analysis, I had a much more precise understanding of my business’ strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

Jacklyn Deans, Ecommerce Consultant, Flash + Color

Next, you’ll have a 30-minute long kickoff call with me over Zoom. I’ll answer your top of mind questions and confirm your next steps. (All calls are recorded and shared with you).

After that, you’ll have a 90-minute “Strategy Working Session.” On this call, I’ll ask you questions about your business and goals based on your website and your answers to your Business Health Analysis. We’ll review the outcomes you want to work towards and discuss what you should work on next.

Then, you’ll have a 60-minute 1-on-1 video call. We’ll discuss your progress, brainstorm on how you can overcome challenges, answer your questions, and plan what you should work on next.

Finally, if you get stuck along the way, you can ask any questions in your private Slack channel. I’m a business-person first, a marketer second, and a coach third. I’ve got answers to your business and marketing questions based on real world experience. When you work with me, you’ll get unlimited access to ask questions and get answers. Message me anytime and receive a thoughtful response.

One benefit that my clients frequently highlight? Having me on their side as another set of eyes to provide feedback on the critical proposals, emails, and webpages in their business.

I was already working on my consultancy full-time when I hired Kai as a coach. A year later, I’ve:

  • Increased my revenue by 60%
  • Streamlined the type of work I do
  • Started to make better use of my team

And, most important, I’m far less stressed out in my day to day.

Even with a great team of freelancers, being the only employee in a consultancy can be lonely. Kai is there as a sounding board for ideas, a reviewer of proposals, and is a master at rewriting important emails.

Working with Kai is like a first-class upgrade. It appears indulgent, but once you experience it, you realize it’s the best way to go.

Adam DuVander, Owner, EveryDeveloper


Throughout our time together, the ability to email Kai for advice on specific matters (like pricing, proposal writing, marketing materials, and related matters) was incredibly beneficial.

Bruce Harpham, Content Marketing Strategist

Availability is limited

I only work with three 1-on-1 coaching clients at a time. There is one spot available.

“How much is this?”

1-on-1 work together is $1,100 per month.

At the end of your first month, we’ll discuss if you want to continue. If you do, we’ll have 2x 60-minute calls each month to help you move key initiatives forward, and of course ongoing communication through Slack. (If after your first month, you’d like to have more support or less support, we can discuss customizing an arrangement to best fit your needs). If you’d like to stop our work together, we’ll wrap up the month and make sure you know what to work on next.

To get started, fill out the “Tell me about your business” form below.

After you tell me about your business, we’ll schedule a time to speak 1-on-1 and discuss your business, your goals, and the outcomes you’re looking to achieve. Then, together, we’ll decide if working together will best fit your needs.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll have the answers you need to begin taking your business to the next level.

p.s., don’t feel ready yet for 1-on-1 coaching? Then you should invest in a 1-on-1 call. You’ll get answers to your questions and perspective on how to overcome your challenges: https://kaidavis.com/call/

p.p.s., ready to get started? You can tell me about your business right here.

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