Do you feel like your marketing is stuck in the mud?

Do you feel like your marketing is stuck in the mud?

Independent consultants, agency owners/founders, and experienced freelancers: I help you optimize your marketing, grow your business, and get more leads. Let’s get you out of your marketing rut, put your lead generation on autopilot, and start growing your authority.

From the inside, it’s hard to know what to do next to grow your business

What marketing should you focus on over the end of 2022 and into 2023? Where should you spend your precious time and attention?

Should you:

  • Test a new service offering?
  • Try niching into a new market?
  • Start that new marketing campaign?

From the inside, it’s hard to know which marketing experiments make sense for your business, market, and goals. If you want to grow your business, it’s crucial to get external perspective, outside input, and personalized advice on what to try next.

Whatever your current situation, wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone in your corner?

A sounding board and trusted advisor?

Someone who could help you cut through the noise and figure out what you should focus on next to market and grow your business (and help you identify what you can safely ignore)?

Imagine having a trusted advisory offering perspective on your business, marketing, and growth

Imagine this:

  • Getting off the hamster wheel and feeling like you’re making progress marketing and growing your business
  • Working fewer hours per week (without feeling guilty for taking time off from client work)
  • Dramatically raising your rates and increasing your income (without awkward conversations with clients) 
  • Receiving personalized, step-by-step guidance about what to do next (no cookie-cutter advice here)

Put the analysis paralysis behind you. Learn what to do next to market and grow your business by working 1-on-1 with a 15+-year Independent Consultant, Digital Marketer, and Entrepreneur (that’s me, Kai Davis).

When we work together, you’ll get no-nonsense marketing and growth advice that you can immediately put into action. This advice isn’t generic “hand-wavy” principles or “cookie-cutter” advice.

The advice and insights I share with you is explicitly customized to you, your business, your goals, and your current situation.

I’d shout this one from the rooftops: “If you want momentous progress in your business, hire Kai Davis.”

Marissa Bracke, Marketing Consultant

How marketing and growth coaching works

In short: coaching is specific to what you need to grow your business, market yourself, and get more leads. 

  • You come with questions and challenges.
  • I ask follow-up questions, share my perspective, and give you answers. 
  • Together, we define a plan forward and identify specific next actions
  • I’ll help you get started (and remind you to do the work).

Every two weeks, we’ll meet for 60-90 minutes to discuss your current situation. We’ll discuss your progress, brainstorm on how you can overcome challenges, answer questions, and plan out what you should work on next. 

You’ll also receive:

  • An invite to a private 1-on-1 Slack channel 
  • My Business Health Analysis marketing assessment and business questionnaire
  • A personalized Growth Action Plan with ‘do this, not that’ advice and an initial path forward for the coming months. (We’ll reference this as a map in our work together.)

If you get stuck along the way, you can ask questions in your private Slack channel or over email. You can reach out to me to ask questions, share updates, or get advice.

I’m an entrepreneur first, a marketer second, and a marketing coach third. I’ve got answers to your business, entrepreneurship, and marketing questions based on my real-world, hard-won experience.

Kai helped me figure out what would help my sales process and build trust quicker with prospects. He offered a lot of feedback on our sales collateral and the release of our new website. I also got a lot more clarity on what I need to do to develop new lead channels for my business.

The two biggest things Kai helped me with were developing a recurring offering (which I had been really stuck on creating given our business model) and creating an offboarding process.

I had immediate results, closing two clients for the recurring offering and earning a lot more work from the first two offboarding calls I had with clients.

I one hundred percent recommend Kai. I already have and I’ll continue to. I think really his approach and the way he thinks is very different than mine in the best way.

Plus, I think there’s so much value to that in terms of he doesn’t try and pretend to know everything, but he knows where to look. It built my trust, and it was really refreshing to be put on to other resources.

Matthew Tallarico, Founder, GrowthFront Marketing

Want to work together? Fill out the form below and tell me about your business.

I only work with four 1-on-1 coaching clients at a time. I currently have three spots available.

If you’d like to apply to work together, fill out the form below and let me know that you’re interested in working together. Once I hear from you, I’ll reply with a few follow-up questions and we’ll set up a time for an initial meeting. 

Fill out this form and tell me about your business if you’re interested in working together. Once I hear from you, I’ll reply with a few follow-up questions and reserve your place in line.

“How much does this cost?”

1-on-1 Marketing Coaching work together is only $2,000/month. I’d like to work with you for an initial three-month engagement to gauge whether we’re a good fit.

I only want us to continue to work together if I’m providing value for you and your business. At the conclusion of our first three months together, we’ll discuss if it makes sense to continue together. If we decide to stop our work together, we’ll make sure you have a clean plan for what to work on next and wrap up our work together.

I was already working on my consultancy full-time when I hired Kai as a coach. A year later, I’ve:

• Increased my revenue by 60%
• Streamlined the type of work I do
• Started to make better use of my team

And, most important, I’m far less stressed out in my day today.

Even with a great team of freelancers, being the only employee in a consultancy can be lonely. Kai is there as a sounding board for ideas, a reviewer of proposals, and is a master at rewriting important emails.

Adam DuVander, Founder and Owner, EveryDeveloper

“Who’s behind this?”

Hi, I’m Kai Davis (that’s my photo to the right). You might remember me from:

  • Make Money Online, my small, very well loved podcast on marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and consulting, that I hosted with nickd.
  • My daily marketing newsletter (, where I share a daily letter, tip, or resource on marketing, growth, and entrepreneurship.
  • One of my seven+ books, products, and courses on how to market yourself online, grow your business, and generate leads (

I’m an experienced Indie Consultant, a digital marketer, a serial entrepreneur, a public speaker and podcast host… I do a lot of stuff online and offline. 😅

These days, I love working with people selling services online (i.e., indie consultants, agency owners/founders, Shopify partners, experienced freelancers) to help them grow their business, optimize their marketing, and get more leads.

To that end, I’ve made this marketing coaching offering available since 2014 to help people like you, dear reader.

And unlike my competitors, I don’t have a ‘signature coaching program.’ That means every call you and have is customized exactly to your unique needs, questions, and current situations, not cookie-cutter advice.

Would you like to work together?

I only work with four 1-on-1 coaching clients at a time, and I’d love to work with you next. I currently have three 1-on-1 coaching spots available.

If you’d like to get in touch and reserve your place in line, click here and tell me about your business.

Once I hear from you, I’ll reply with a few follow-up questions to learn more about you. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll have the answers you need to begin taking your business to the next level.

Working with Kai helped me realize that I can do marketing and sales. It helped me become a real business, not just someone who is getting projects by chance. I’m getting more proactive in creating opportunities for myself and feeling more confident with my marketing efforts, and I am getting new clients and projects as a result.

Yuval Oren, Owner and DevOps Consultant, PineWise