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"You always have something to share that makes me think about how I market, what I need to do differently, how to approach business marketing in general. You give a ton of solid info at no cost. Your newsletter rocks. I appreciate your wisdom. I trust your opinion, and I don’t even know you."

Kim Lifton, President, Wow Writing Workshop

"In a sea of people selling snake oil online Kai Davis's content is the daily multivitamin that consistently makes your business and life better. Kai's is the only newsletter where I read every email and most of the time by the end of the email I think "I can't believe he gives this away for free!"

Mike Smith, EY Consulting

"Kai has a consistent message that he presents in a variety of ways through his regular newsletters. I'll keep these in my inbox and come back when I have a moment. I think the few central ideas (productization, niching) are spot-on, so it's good to have a constant reminder to focus on those things in my own business. Tons of small business owners (I’m sometimes guilty of this) are putting off the work they need to do on their business to make it grow and be profitable. Kai’s newsletter tackles some of the issues that get ignored."

Ethan Clevenger, Owner, Sterner Stuff

"The main value I get from Kai’s newsletter is another perspective on problems, solutions and processes – it teaches me how to look at things differently, usually in a nicer, kinder way. His emails are short and offer templates that are ready to use. By giving examples he forces himself to think things through. I think his is one of the perfect examples of a newsletter."

Franz Sauerstein, Owner, eCommerce Marketing

"Over the years of being a subscriber, Kai has opened my eyes to new potentials in my business. More than once I’ve implemented Kai’s advice and seen an increase in leads, customers, and revenue.

Three benefits from reading Kai’s newsletter:

  • New ways of looking at and implementing concepts I already know about, but perhaps am not sure about the best way to action.
  • The questions from other subscribers being answered. Both because it offers real advice and also because it lets me know I’m not alone.
  • The value to promotion ratio is heavily on the side of value."
Pete Boyle, Founder –

Kai is top of mind when I have a marketing implementation concern – “didn’t Kai write something about this a while back? goes to gmail to search. BOOM – there it is!” 🙂

I’d definitely recommend it to any freelancers/consultants looking to improve their marketing. His casual tone makes it very easy to consume."

Paul Swail, Principal Consultant, Winter Wind Software

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"Who writes this newsletter?"

I’m Kai Davis, a solo consultant and digital marketer.

In this corner of the internet, I help solo consultants and founders get more leads, and market themselves like authorities.

Over time, I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed on podcasts, invited to present at conferences, and contribute articles and essays on consulting across the web — and around the world!

Inside The Premium Resource Center, you’ll find a collection of my  best resources (talks, articles, presentations, guides, books) made available for you.


— Kai Davis