Everyone wants more clients. But what marketing are you supposed to do to get them?


Learn skills to put your lead generation and marketing on auto-pilot.

I’ve helped 1,000+ customers optimize their outreach, master their marketing, and start selling strategy. All using the step-by-step systems, processes, and templates in my books, products, and courses.

Let me show you how to fill your pipeline.

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Featured Products

Quick Start Roadmapping

Writing proposals for free doesn’t pay the bills.

Start selling paid strategic discovery — roadmaps — instead of writing proposals for those squishy, ill-defined projects.

You’ll get everything you need to get started selling strategic project roadmaps.

The Outreach Blueprint

Learn how to email anyone and get a reply.

You’ll learn how to use email outreach to stimulate conversations and build towards client relationships.

The Outreach Blueprint covers just the things you need to know to run your own email outreach campaign, with simple terminology, a concise format, and vital information.

Kai's Email Template Library

Get 23 pre-written email templates by Kai for business situations that you can copy, customize, and send.

Perfect for all those ‘awkward’ client situations you run into when you’re a solo consultant, freelancer, or own your own business.

These emails templates are from my personal library, and have been written, re-written, and optimized by me over the years.

This is an excellent resource for non-native English speaking business owners who are looking for pre-written email templates in English to customize and incorporate into their professional written communication.

Raise Clients From The Dead!

Breathe life into your past client relationships and surface new opportunities to work together.

Some say the knowledge inside this tome is too powerful for most business owners, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Initial Call Script

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your initial calls to interview your leads (instead of just answering their questions)?

Learn the exact words to say on your initial calls (and how to say them) to qualify your leads and get great clients.

Other Products

Official Consultant Card

Wave goodbye to those days of worrying about proving your expertise.
With this, you can proudly showcase yourself as an accredited consultant with official credentials. (And don’t forget to raise your rates accordingly, because you are worth it.)

Get your credentials →

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