Free Email Courses


Enjoy these free courses to help you level up your skills.

  • Client Intake Cheat Sheet – You'll learn how to create a client intake process that saves you time and headache.
  • Free Email Outreach Course – You'll learn the secret behind writing emails that builds a relationship with the person you're emailing (and focus on them, instead of you).
  • Learn how to get POWERFUL client testimonials – In The Ultimate Guide to Client Testimonials, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get the best possible testimonials from your clients.
  • Get On Podcasts – You’ll learn the secrets between finding, pitching, and appearing on podcasts as a guest expert.
  • Content Promotion Checklist – You spend all that time creating it, but once you click publish, what then?

Videos and Video Interviews

Regularly, I sit down with a colleague or subject matter expert (SME) to have a recorded video conversation about a relevant topic or question.

Finally got the chance to catch up on your β€˜get more clients’ lecture, brilliant stuff, so informative! β€” Rob Cubbon

Podcast Interviews

This list is coming together and will be added shortly.

PDF Guides

These are all PDF downloads.


These are other resources that don’t fit into the above categories

  • Life Goals – A list of life goals. I update this as I cross goals off the list.
  • MicroConf 2015 Recap – I was invited to ‘scribe’ the 2015 MicroConf talks. It was a great event and this recap is a great snapshot in time of the event, talks, and topics

Recommended Software

These will be added soon

  • Pipedrive Sales CRM 45-Day Gold Trial
  • Notion
  • Carrd
  • Gumroad
  • MoonClerk
  • Noko
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