About Kai Davis

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kai Davis, and I have one goal: Help your business be better off than it was before you found me.

Hello! I’m Kai Davis. I teach Independent Creators how to grow by implementing marketing habits that fill your pipeline.

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Kai Davis teaches Independent Creators how to fill their pipeline and grow.

Here’s what Kristine K. has to say about Kai’s advice:

“Kai, you gave me a piece of advice last year that made those “famine” times almost non-existent, and I wanted to tell you THANK YOU! You told me to revisit my former client list and touch base with them and once I started doing this, I got so busy I almost couldn’t keep up. I really appreciate it.”

There are only so many things one can do in a  year, so I’ve intentionally limited the scope of where and how I’m focusing my attention. Curious? Read on:

  1. Sending my newsletter. I send out a regular marketing tip to help you, my friend, grow and get more clients. Sign up for my marketing + growth newsletter here
  2. 1-on-1 Growth Coaching + Strategy Work. I coach independent creators on how to grow and market themselves. I’d love to work with you. Read more about my coaching and other services here.
  3. Writing books and creating products. I write books and create products that help independent creators and small business owners market themselves like an authority. Read more about my products here

If you’re interested in working together in a way that isn’t listed above, alas, I most likely will have to say no. That means no taking on unpaid work (even calls).

If you’d like to learn more about working with me in a consulting capacity on your business, you should read more about my services.

— Kai