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Indie Creators: Here’s how I can help you grow

If you’re looking to grow your business, put your lead generation on auto-pilot, develop + launch products, or market yourself as an authority, I’d love to help. I work with a limited number of clients at a time.

Read on for a partial list of the services I offer. Or, get in touch and start the conversation by telling me about your business.

1-on-1 Growth Coaching


Are you an independent creator looking to grow?

With my 1-on-1 Growth Coaching, you’ll market yourself like an authority. We’ll start our 1-on-1 work together by setting goals, defining a plan, and tackling small wins to optimize your business. Then, ongoing, we’ll collaborate to keep your growth on target and identify new things to work on.

Initial results typically involve:

  • Better niching
  • More precise specialization
  • Implementation of new marketing systems
  • Improvements in client quality and lead generation
  • Audience building

The end result? Acceleration and transformation of your business.

A year after hiring Kai as a coach, I’ve increased my revenue by 60%, streamlined the type of work I do, and started to make better use of my team. And, most important, I’m far less stressed out in my day-to-day.

Adam DuVander, Founder, EveryDeveloper

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Growth Action Plan


Wondering what steps you should take to market yourself or what growth goals you should set? Get ‘do this, not that’ advice to market yourself, grow your audience, and get more clients.

With your personalized Growth Action Plan, you’ll get specific and actionable ‘do this, not that’ advice laser-focused on helping you.

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Website Messaging + SEO Teardown


If you’re selling your products or services online, your website should be your most effective salesperson. But is it doing its job?

Get an actionable review of your website with feedback on your copywriting, marketing, and SEO. I’ll review your website from top to bottom and record a series of videos with my commentary and first impressions of your website so you can see it through your eyes. You’ll get feedback on your copywriting, marketing, and SEO

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Marketing + Growth Clarity Call


Get specific, actionable answers to your marketing and growth questions with a 1-on-1 video call. No hype or upsells, just practical advice on what you should do to get more leads, market yourself, or build an audience.

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Growth Marketing Newsletter


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