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If you’re a solo consultant or founder selling your services or products online and you’re looking to grow your business, market yourself like an authority, or reach new audiences, I’d love to help.

With all of my services, you’re working directly with me throughout our time together. I only work with a limited number of clients at a time, and I’d love to work with you next.

Browse my list of services below and read a selection of client testimonials throughout this page (or browse a larger selection here).

Interested in working together? Get in touch by and telling me about your business here. Once I hear from you, we’ll schedule a time to meet.

Popular Services for Solo Consultants

1-on-1 Growth Marketing + Business Coaching

You’ll get an experienced growth marketer, solo consultant, and entrepreneur in your corner to help you set goals, take action, and make progress on growing your business. My coaching clients love the rapid iterative feedback on their marketing materials.

In the past year, I’ve helped my coaching clients:

  • Reposition into new, more lucrative markets
  • Launch new services and recurring service offerings
  • Build a strong sales pipeline and turn more leads into clients
  • Use email outreach to scale their outbound campaigns and generate new business

Recommended for established solo consultants, small agency owners, and solo software founders seeking advice, iterative feedback, and ongoing discussions on marketing and growing their business.

($2,000/month, with a recommended 3-month minimum commitment.)

"A year after hiring Kai as a coach, I’ve increased my revenue by 60%, streamlined the type of work I do, and started to make better use of my team. And, most important, I’m far less stressed out in my day-to-day."

Adam DuVander, Founder, EveryDeveloper

Website Growth, Messaging, and SEO Teardown

If you’re selling products or services online, your website should be your most effective salesperson. But is it doing its job?

Get an actionable review of your website with feedback on your copywriting, messaging, marketing, and SEO.

I’ll review your website from top to bottom and record a video with my commentary and first impressions of your website so you can see it through your eyes. You’ll get ‘do this, not that’ feedback on how to make your website better.


Jonathan Stark

"Having a professional ‘second opinion’ that reinforced my suspicions was super helpful. The actionable advice about how to fix certain deficiencies was icing on the cake!

For me, the major benefits were:

  • I knew exactly what areas were strong and no longer needed my attention
  • I knew which areas were weak and exactly how to improve them
  • My overall confidence level in the site was dramatically increased.

I would absolutely recommend this service to other consultants!

Jonathan Stark, Business Coach and Founder, JonathanStark.com

Marketing + Growth Clarity Call

Get specific, actionable answers to your marketing and growth questions. We’ll get on 1-on-1 video call and I’ll do whatever I can to answer your questions, help you plan a path forward, and overcome the marketing obstacle in front of you.

No hype, upsells, or post-call funnels. Just practical, honest, pragmatic advice on what you should do to get more leads, market yourself, or build an audience from an experienced solo consultant and business owner.


"Thank you, for real, not only for the content, advice, or feedback on my site during our call, but that you went out of your way to make me feel comfortable during the video call (even tho my Internet connection was making a few parts of the call annoying), listened to everything I said, and all of your action items were based on MY BUSINESS, not general things every other business should follow, but specific things that could help my business increase revenue.

Jorge Vergara, Founder of JSMobileDev and Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Strategy and Done-for-You Services

I’d love to work with you on done-for-you growth for your business. All of my work starts with an initial strategy/discovery project. This helps us get on the same page in terms of your goals and identify high-impact opportunities to focus on first.

Marketing Action Plan

Are you a solo consultant or software founder struggling to figure out what to focus on to market and grow your business?

With a Marketing + Growth Action Plan, we’ll meet, discuss your current situation, and define an action plan for you to follow. You’ll get a ‘do this, not that’ roadmap to follow to grow your business.


Podcast Tour Action Plan

Get a ‘do this, not that’ plan to get placed on relevant podcasts. You’ll get a strategy, ‘do this, not that’ action plan, personal email outreach sequence, and list of podcasts to contact. (Best for solo consultants, software founders, and owners of infoproduct/course businesses.)


We’re following Kai’s Podcast Outreach process for our podcast tour and we literally haven’t gotten a “no thanks” yet – we’ve gotten a few ‘no replies’ that we’re still following up with, but literally not a single “you’re not qualified”.

— Kennedy Collins, Founder, Ohmcoach

SEO Opportunity Report

Get a growth-focused SEO opportunity report for your website. You’ll get personalized guidance on what to do based on a by-hand review of your SEO, content, competitors, analytics, keywords, and rankings. Your deliverables will be full of ‘do this, not that’ advice on what pages + keywords to optimize.


"Our competition had a couple years on us for SEO. After working with Kai, we tripled the amount of organic traffic that was coming to our site. Now we rank on the first page for all our major keywords, have 2 pages as the top result for highly trafficked keywords, and even rank in the top 10 for searches on for our competitors."

— Keith Perhac Software Founder

12-Month Growth Marketing Roadmap

Get a jump on next year’s results with a ‘do this, not that’ marketing roadmap leading to your top growth opportunities. Based on a detailed marketing GAP analysis of your marketing channels, analytics, funnel, content, keywords, and competitors.


"There was more depth to the work than I was expecting, which was really rewarding. I went into it thinking, 'A roadmap for this much money, that's pretty expensive.' But I left feeling like, 'Wow, we got so much value for that actually. That was well worth the money.'"

Benjamin Borowski, Co-Founder, Notion Mastery

"The roadmap was really detailed, well structured, well prioritized. I feel like Kai heard us, he was really paying attention, and he understood and was able to distill the challenges we were facing. You could tell that he'd really thought through everything based on our conversations. This wasn't a roadmap that he could have just provided to another business. It felt incredibly tailored and it didn't leave a lot of room for confusion. Kai was always open if we needed follow up, but it just was so clear to us what to do next that it was just such a burden was lifted."

Marie Poulin, Founder, Notion Mastery

Daily Marketing Newsletter

And, of course, if you’re not yet ready to work together, I strongly recommend you sign up for my free newsletter on marketing + growth for solo consultants, founders, and professionals selling services online. (It’s like a shot of Vitamin K directly into your business.)

"As a web agency owner, I get a ton of email newsletters. And I’m quick to unsubscribe if it’s not offering value. Kai’s email is one of the very few that I look forward to receiving in my inbox. It’s an immediate read, and usually a few re-reads. It’s always worth reading. It provides smart and specific advice on the exact problems I face running a business. When he does pitch a product, it’s a natural extension of the value he’s already provided in that specific email so it feels very aligned and I often do make a purchase."

Chris O’Brien, Founder, HelloDative

p.s., Have something in mind? Looking for a specific way to work together? Send me an email, tell me what’s on your mind, or book an initial consultation call. I’ll ask a few questions to learn more and see how we can best work together.