Let’s Work Together To Market + Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your business, put your lead generation on auto-pilot, develop + launch products, or market yourself as an authority, I’d love to help. I work with a limited number of clients at a time.

Read on for a partial list of the services I offer. Or, get in touch and start the conversation by telling me about your business.

Growth Marketing GAP Analysis + Roadmap

Growth Marketing GAP Analysis + Roadmap

(Starting at $5,500)

Get next year’s results now!

You’ll receive a ‘do this, not that’ marketing roadmap of your top growth opportunities for your business based on a detailed GAP analysis of your marketing, analytics, SEO, channels, content, and competitors.

You can take the marketing roadmap and implement the high-impact opportunities yourself, or hand it to a team member to implement for you.

This service is best for established agencies, software product companies, and Shopify apps looking for high-impact growth over the next ~6-12 months.

(For more information and to start the conversation email kai@kaidavis.com)

1-on-1 Growth Coaching

1-on-1 Growth Coaching


(Note: The price for coaching increases to $2,000/month or $5,500/quarter on 1/1/23. Apply to work together by 12/31/22 to lock in the current $1,500/month pricing for all of 2023.)

Are you an Shopify Partner or self-employed person in expertise-heavy services profession looking to grow your business? With 1-on-1 Growth Coaching, you’ll get an experienced advisory in your corner to help you market yourself like an expert. You’ll get

  • Answers to your questions.
  • Advice from someone who has been there.
  • Specific ‘do this, not that’ homework instructions on what to work on next.

In the past year, I’ve helped my coaching clients:

  • Raise their rates and stop charging for their time
  • Build a strong sales pipeline and close more clients
  • Market themselves like an expert with email marketing
  • Launch productized services and recurring service offerings
  • Get started with email outreach and scale their outbound campaigns

1-on-1 Coaching includes two 60-minute calls each month and 24/7 Slack and email access.

A year after hiring Kai as a coach, I’ve increased my revenue by 60%, streamlined the type of work I do, and started to make better use of my team. And, most important, I’m far less stressed out in my day-to-day.

— Adam DuVander, Founder, EveryDeveloper

Marketing + Growth Action Plan

Marketing + Growth Action Plan


Are you a solo consultant or owner of a Shopify app wondering what steps you should take to market yourself or what growth goals you should set?

Get ‘do this, not that’ advice on what to do to market yourself and grow your business, answers to your questions, and video feedback on your website or app.

With your personalized Growth Action Plan, you’ll get specific and actionable ‘do this, not that’ advice unique to your business and laser-focused on helping you.

“I choose to work with Kai because he had a personal approach and experience in the Shopify space.

I also liked the fact that he was going to create a marketing growth plan and give me ux insights into my app.

It was helpful to have Kai actually use the app and get insights beyond what I would get from actual users.”

– Celso White, Shopify App Founder, Otto Promotional Image Scheduler

Website Growth Teardown

Website Growth Teardown


If you’re selling products or services online, your website should be your most effective salesperson. But is it doing its job?

Get an actionable review of your website with feedback on your copywriting, messaging, marketing, and SEO.

I’ll review your website from top to bottom and record a video with my commentary and first impressions of your website so you can see it through your eyes. You’ll get ‘do this, not that’ feedback on how to make your website better.

Jonathan Stark

“Having a professional ‘second opinion’ that reinforced my suspicions was super helpful. The actionable advice about how to fix certain deficiencies was icing on the cake!

For me, the major benefits were:

  1. I knew exactly what areas were strong and no longer needed my attention
  2. I knew which areas were weak and exactly how to improve them
  3. My overall confidence level in the site was dramatically increased.

I would absolutely recommend this service to other consultants!

— Jonathan Stark, Business Coach and Founder, JonathanStark.com

Marketing + Growth Clarity Call

Marketing + Growth Clarity Call


Get specific, actionable answers to your marketing and growth questions with a 1-on-1 video call. No hype or upsells, just practical advice on what you should do to get more leads, market yourself, or build an audience.

Thank you, for real, not only for the content, advice, or feedback on my site during our call, but that you went out of your way to make me feel comfortable during the video call (even tho my Internet connection was making a few parts of the call annoying), listened to everything I said, and all of your action items were based on MY BUSINESS, not general things every other business should follow, but specific things that could help my business increase revenue.
— Jorge Vergara, Founder of JSMobileDev and Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Daily Marketing Newsletter

Daily Marketing Newsletter


And, of course, if you’re not yet ready to work together, I strongly recommend you sign up for my newsletter on marketing + growth for indie creators. (It’s like a shot of Vitamin K directly into your business.)

As a web agency owner, I get a ton of email newsletters. And I’m quick to unsubscribe if it’s not offering value. Kai’s email is one of the very few that I look forward to receiving in my inbox. It’s an immediate read, and usually a few re-reads. It’s always worth reading. It provides smart and specific advice on the exact problems I face running a business. When he does pitch a product, it’s a natural extension of the value he’s already provided in that specific email so it feels very aligned and I often do make a purchase.
— Chris O’Brien, Founder, HelloDative