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Ah, proposal writing. The two most frustrating words in the English language.

  • Maybe you’re getting frustrated writing (and or customizing) proposals for one-off projects
  • Perhaps you’re looking to have a signature, specialized service to sell as a defined, fixed starting point
  • Or, you could even be looking for a leveraged, productized offer that you can scale, optimize, and grow over time

See, proposals are, at best, an educated guess at the future and what needs to happen for a project to succeed, based on imperfect information from your client in response to questions like:

  • What outcome are you (dear client) looking for?
  • What unknowns need to be addressed or answered?
  • What timeline are you aiming for?

And based on the answers your client gives to those (and other) questions, you write a proposal.

BUT if just one part of the project ends up getting out of whack with the proposal (e.g., your client disappears into an unexpected multi-week vacation and leaves your questions unanswered and your timeline abandoned), you’re going to be gritting your teeth while you try and get things back to normal.

And if multiple things go out of wack? (e.g., the timeline goes out the window, the problem ends up being different from what the client described), you’re going to be fighting to get the project completed on time and on budget.

What if you could have clarity on the project before you write the proposal?

What if every project of yours started with a pre-defined discovery period — a project roadmap?

  • Instead of making an educated guess based on a conversation or two, you’d dive into a structured and pre-defined discovery period with the client.
  • You’d ask the client and their team questions, and they’d share information, assumptions, and challenges with you
  • If you run into unknowns or unanswered questions, you could go off and do additional research to find answers
  • At the end of your discovery period, you could present your client with your recommendations, project roadmap, and proposal for the project.

Because you and your client will be putting your heads together and working to understand their problem better, you’ll have a deeper level of knowledge about their situation before you write a proposal.

When you start providing paid discovery sessions as a service, you’ll experience three excellent benefits:

  1. You’ll know precisely what problem your client is experiencing before you write the proposal. During the discovery process, you can uncover the actual problem the client is experiencing and go beyond the situation they described to you at first.
  2. You’ll get paid for writing proposals. Because writing a proposal is included as a deliverable from a discovery-focused roadmap, you’ll often get compensated for writing the proposal.
  3. You’ll write fewer proposals. When you start charging for your discovery-focused roadmaps, clients who don’t have a budget or are just kicking tires will suddenly disappear. That means you can eliminate a chunk of your proposal writing and avoid clients that wouldn’t have been a fit.

Plus, when you start selling project roadmaps, sometimes the proposal isn’t even required.

Because you’ve already worked with the client on a paid project (the roadmap), the next step might be as easy as saying, “Alright, so we need to do X, Y, and Z. I recommend we tackle X first.”

And the prospect will reply, “Sounds great. Let’s do it.”

Stop writing proposals; start selling paid discovery

Quick Start Roadmapping covers just the essentials you need to know to start selling, delivering, and running paid discovery sessions (roadmaps) instead of writing proposals.

Quick Start Roadmapping has answers to all of your questions on how to implement, sell, and deliver roadmaps (paid discovery) in your business, as well as a Roadmapping Resource Library full of templates, agendas, and questionnaires for you to use to get started.

When you sell a roadmap — for $500, $1500, or $5,000+ — you’ll have made a considerable return on your investment. (Yes, roadmap sell for that much. A colleague recently sold a $5,000 discovery-focused roadmap.)

Order Quick Start Roadmapping for $129

It’s easy to talk at a high level about roadmaps, but how do you approach selling them (or selling paid discovery) step-by-step?

  • What should you charge?
  • What are the deliverables?
  • What questions should you ask?
  • How should roadmaps differ from industry to industry? (e.g., Should a developer’s roadmap vary from a copywriter’s or a designer’s?)

You’ll find answers to these questions (and more) in Quick Start Roadmapping.

The book was a fun read; the working session outlines, questions, and examples in the book helped improve methods for working with clients. The roadmapping session provided an option for dealing with clients who want to meet but are not serious about a project or don’t fully know what they want or need. – Brian, B2 Technologies

What’s included with Quick Start Roadmapping?

Included with Quick Start Roadmapping are materials to help you before, during, and after your Roadmapping Session.

  • Specific questions to ask and checklists to follow during the discovery process
  • Direction on how to quickly get started running and selling roadmaps to your clients
  • A questionnaire for you to send your client to fill out before the roadmap (so you can start learning about their situation before you meet)
  • An overview of the entire roadmapping process, from “A lead has contacted me” through “What to say when you follow-up after delivering your proposal”

One of the benefits that buyers call out about Quick Start Roadmapping is that they could start selling discovery-focused roadmaps within a day of receiving the book (though I’d say ‘within a few days’ is a more reasonable expectation for the product).

The fact that you had a "quick start" document, the questions, and the working session outlines gave me a quick solution I could start using the next day when I had to meet with a client. Then after taking the time to absorb the book, I was able to further refine and improve methods for understanding client needs. – Brian, B2 Technologies

With your order, you’ll receive:

  • The Book: Quick Start Roadmapping. A step-by-step process to offer, sell, and deliver paid discovery sessions that help you understand what your clients really need. (PDF, ePub, and Mobi format).
  • Roadmapping Resource Library. With this library full of agendas, templates, and standard operating procedures, you’ll have everything you need to get started selling roadmaps.
  • Video Interview: Kurt Elster on Roadmapping at Ethercycle. Watch this video interview (and read the transcript) with Kurt Elster — the owner of the Shopify agency Ethercycle — provides paid roadmapping discovery services to their clients.
  • Webinar: Roadmapping Overview. Watch this 50-minute pre-recorded Webinar (with Q&A), giving you a detailed overview of the Roadmapping process.
  • Roadmapping Questionnaire Template (with Video Walkthrough). The Roadmapping Questionnaire is key to the entire Roadmapping process. With your purchase, you’ll receive a Roadmapping Questionnaire Template to use as a starting point, as well as a swipe file full of recommended questions to mix and match.

Order Quick Start Roadmapping for $129

“What’s unique about Quick Start Roadmapping?”

Quick Start Roadmapping is built around giving you the documentation, instruction, and examples you need to start offering roadmapping now for your clients.

You still make and sell your paid discovery sessions to your leads, prospects, and clients. Quick Start Roadmapping gives you the tools, templates, guidance, and instruction that you need to get started.

“Is roadmapping effective? Does this work 100% of the time?”

Roadmaps are a very effective way to:

  • Eliminate bad-fit clients earlier in your process
  • Add a discovery-focused engagement to your service offerings
  • Develop a rapport and relationship with the client through a small initial project

I’ve included everything I could think of to help you on your journey. However, you still have to do the work.

My Smile On Your Face Refund Guarantee

I want you to have a smile on your face. If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase, email me and say so. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you’re happy.

Order Quick Start Roadmapping Today

Quick Start Roadmapping is available today for $129

If the guidance included on how to sell paid discovery roadmaps helps you sell just one $500 roadmap in the next 12 months, you’ll have more than 3x’d your investment in Quick Start Roadmapping.

Order Quick Start Roadmapping for $129

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