Another hard-to-write client email, another late night in the office 😭

It happened again. Another:

  • Out-of-scope client request
  • From a client you need to fire (or have a hard conversation with)
  • Night you have to spend writing a challenging business email that you need to send before the end of the work day

Thankfully, it only took you ~45 minutes to draft that email and click send.

Unfortunately, it took ~2-4 hours of procrastinating (and second-guessing) to get those ~45 minutes of email writing done 😬.

What happens next? You suck it up, take a deep breath, and eventually gets the email drafted, spell-checked, and sent 2 hours after quitting time.

Oh well, that’s just the way it is some days ☹️.

Does it have to be that hard to write an ‘awkward’ client email?

Do you, dear reader, need to consign yourself to a lifetime of:

  • Hard-to-write ‘awkward’ client emails? (that take so much time + energy to write and send)
  • Emails that keep the lights on past quitting time? (with you worrying about what to say and how best to say it)
  • Emails that keep you up late worrying about if you’ll get a reply? (and what to say if you do hear back)

There has to be a better way than spending hours dealing with those hard-to-write client emails.

What if it felt easy to get started writing that email?

What if instead of stressing about writing your email (from scratch!), you could use my ‘secret weapon’ to get started writing your reply?

Imagine this:

  • You receive an ‘awkward’ client email (and take a deep breath)
  • You open up your email template library and find the right template for your exact situation
  • You copy that template (and then customize your reply)
  • Once you get your email drafted, you spell-check it and click send

Altogether? Instead of spending hours stressing about the email, you can get a reply drafted and sent in just ~30 minutes (or less). No second-guessing, worrying about wording, or anxiety about if you said the right thing.


Kai’s Email Template Library

Next time you need to write a reply to an ‘awkward’ client email, you can use my words — and this library of 23 of my pre-written email templates.

Oftentimes, the hardest part of writing those ‘awkward’ client emails is just getting started

With my Email Template Library, you’ll be able to easily get started on your reply with 23 ‘Kai Approved’ email templates.

All you need to do is copy, customize, and send.

Instead of needing to figure out what to say (and how to say it), you can:

  • Browse my 23 email templates
  • Pick the right template for your situation
  • Quickly draft, customize, and send your reply

You’re covered with an email template for 23+ different challenging client challenges

No matter if you need to:

  1. Fire a client
  2. Tell a client ‘No’
  3. Ask for a testimonial
  4. Change a delivery date
  5. Politely decline a request
  6. Renegotiate an expectation
  7. Raise your rates (on an existing client)
  8. Follow-up on a proposal, quote, or invoice
  9. Deal with a prospect or lead meeting no-show

Or any of the many different situations covered with a template in my Email Template Library, you’re set for success.

View a sample template here

💌 How to politely decline a request.

Each email template included in the library features:

  • A rich-text template
  • An easy-to-copy plain text template
  • Tagging, so you can easily find other related templates for similar situations
  • Context about the email template, so you understand when + how to use the template

Upgrade your emails today!

You can purchase my email template library today for $95. You’ll instantly get 23 ‘Kai Approved’ email templates for common (‘awkward’) business situations.


One-time payment

“What templates do I get?”

With your purchase, you’ll receive the following email templates:

  1. How to fire a client
  2. Your follow-up template
  3. How to respond to ‘Scope Creep’
  4. How to ask for a text testimonial
  5. How to politely decline a request
  6. How to ask for a video testimonial
  7. How to say ‘nope’ to a price haggle
  8. Your new Out-of-Office auto-responder
  9. How to raise your rates on an existing client
  10. How to follow-up with a lead that’s gone cold
  11. How to renegotiate a project/delivery timeline
  12. How to ask a single market research question
  13. How to ask to be on a podcast as a guest expert
  14. How to handle a stalled conversation with a lead
  15. How to turn a request for a free call into a paid call
  16. How to have a ‘straight talk’ conversation with a client
  17. How to introduce yourself to a meet-up/event organizer
  18. How to schedule a market research call with a past client
  19. What to say when a prospect misses a scheduled meeting
  20. How to let past clients know that you have unexpected availability
  21. How to ask follow-up questions before delivering a quote or proposal
  22. How to email a prospect and pitch a ‘beta’ version of a service for a discount
  23. What to say when someone has gone 100% cold and you’ve already followed-up ~3-4+ times

Each email template included in the library features:

  • An easy to copy template
  • Context about the template, so you understand when + how to use the email

You can see a sample email template right here: 💌 How to politely decline a request.

Questions, Frequently Asked

"What do your customers say?​"

"Kai, I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the Email Template Library — and the included kick in the ass to follow-up with clients.

I've gone through my CRM and alreadyhave 4 follow-up emails scheduled for first thing Tuesday morning using your template... and I'm literally only at Step 1 of your guide!

Chris Obrien, President, Dative

“Can I see a sample email template?”

You can see a sample email template right here: 💌 How to politely decline a request.

“What’s unique about your template library?”

First, my Email Template Library is based on my personal + professional experience as a business owner, independent consultant, and service provider over the last 10+ years.

I wrote my Email Template Library to be a high-quality, high-value product with premium email templates to help you write those ‘awkward’ client emails.

The templates I’ve included are based off of the exact same ones I use in my own business and in my own communication. These are battle-tested templates, built off of my hard-won knowledge and personal experience.

“How do I access this template library?”

When you purchase, you’ll get access to a private folder in Google Drive with access to the Email Template Library and Writing Really Good Emails.

You can:

  • Bookmark the homepage for future easy access to the templates, the book, and resources
  • Download the templates, book, and resources to your hard drive

“Are your email templates a magic bullet?”

Nothing is a magic bullet (except for eating more green veggies).

Using pre-written email templates will make it easier for you to get started when writing those ‘awkward’ emails.

Instead of spending time agonizing over what to say (and how to say it), you can get started quickly with a template that you can customize for your exact situation.

However, you still need to do the work of copying the template, customizing it, and sending the final email.

“Who is this Email Template Library right for?”

My Email Template Library is best for solo consultants and business owners.

  • Solo Consultants If you’re selling insights, strategy, and services as an Independent Consultant, my Email Template Library is the perfect resource for you as you tackle new challenges.
  • Professional Service Providers. If you’re selling services (e.g., lawyer, accountant), you’ll benefit from the email templates included in my Email Template Library. You’ll be able to use the new-to-you email templates as you encounter new client challenges (or ‘awkward’ situations).
  • Non-Native English Speakers. The template library is great for non-native English speakers who want business templates in English they can copy, customize, and send.

“I’m just starting out, is this right for me?”

Purchasing my Email Template Library is a great way to start to build a collection of high-value, high-impact email templates. You can buy my Template Library today and use it in the future.

But many of these templates were written for more advanced freelancing and consulting challenges.

If you’re just starting out, you might not yet be running into situations where you, for example, need to fire a clients, onboard clients, or renegotiate project scopes, some of the templates might not yet apply for you and your business.

“What happens after I buy?”

After your purchase, you’ll be redirected to your copy of the email template library, along with instructions.

You’ll also receive an email from me (Kai Davis) with your access instructions.

You’ll get access to a private folder in Google Drive where you can:

  • Bookmark the page for future easy access to the templates, book, and resources
  • Download the templates, book, and resources

Upgrade your emails 💌

You can purchase my email template library today for $95. You’ll instantly get 23 ‘Kai Approved’ email templates for common (‘awkward’) business situations.


One-time payment

You’re protected by my
‘smile on your face’ guarantee 😺

When you order, your purchase is protected. Above everything else, I want you to be happy and smiling.

If you’re dissatisfied for any reason or if there’s anything I can do to improve your experience, you can always email me at

If you run into a challenge with the material, have a question, can’t find something, or need a better explanation, just email me. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you’re happy.

However, since Email Template Library is a digital product full of templates, resources, and downloadables that you receive instant access to with your purchase, purchases are non-refundable.