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Your Client Doesn’t Want To Know How The Sausage Is Made

Here are three things to avoid discussing or mentioning in conversation with your lead or client — and suggestions on what to say instead.

If you use a consulting ‘term of art’ (a word or phrase that has a precise, specialized meaning within the fields of freelancing and consulting), you will accidentally confuse your client.

“This is a Productized Service”

Don’t call it a Productized Service.

Why? This is a highly technical term. Your client will not understand what a Productized Service is. Referring to it as such introduces a lot of potential for risk and objections.

One time, a lead heard me say “Productized Service” when discussing their upcoming project. Immediately, they raised an objection: they thought we were discussing my service and instead, we’re talking about my product? Confusion city, my friend.

When you’re talking with your clients, keep it simple and keep it crystal clear. Don’t call it a Productized Service; call it a Service.

“…Value-Based Pricing…”

Don’t tell your client that you’re following a value-based methodology to determine their price.

Why? If you open up a conversation about Value-Based Pricing, then you’ll be talking about (and defending) your pricing process instead of talking with the client about the project.

Instead, just share the price and why this is a valuable investment for the client:

This is the price: $…

Don’t mention your pricing process, systems, or techniques — value-based or otherwise — to the client.

“…Roadmapping Session…”

Don’t call it a Roadmapping Session.

Let’s compare and contrast these two names for the same hypothetical service: a marketing plan for your Shopify Store that defines the top 2-3 priorities to focus on to get more conversions.

Shopify Marketing Roadmapping Session


Shopify Marketing Action Plan

The second focuses on the outcome/output of the process (the Marketing Action Plan) instead of focusing on the process.

Roadmapping Session is another highly technical term that you want to avoid using with clients. A Roadmapping Session is a type of engagement: a paid discovery and strategic engagement that helps you and the client learn more about the client’s business and current situation and determine the best paths forward. https://kaidavis.com/roadmapping/

When you’re offering a Roadmapping Session, make the name attractive and relevant to the client.

  • “Action Plan” instead of “Roadmapping Session.”
  • “Website Rescue” instead of “Website Audit” (no one wants to be audited)

Name your service in a way that aligns with or hints at the outcome or benefits your target market is looking for.

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