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You want to get more clients for your business. I can help. I help freelancers and consultants uncover hidden profits in their business and get more clients without spending more on marketing.

Consulting Services

Website Analysis ($200)

Learn More About a Website Analysis

If you think your website is important to your business success and want direct, actionable advice on what to improve, then purchase your Website Analysis today.

In a Website Analysis, you'll  learn how to make your website your business's most effective salesperson.

Marketing Growth Plan ($1,000)

Learn More About a Marketing Growth Plan

Curious what steps you should (or could) take to promote your business and get more clients?

With a Marketing Growth Plan, you'll receive actionable marketing advice, customized to your business and situation for you to follow to grow.

Benefit from actionable, specific, personalized feedback on the marketing you should invest in to get more clients. 

Digital Outreach Plan ($1,500)

Learn More About The Digital Outreach Plan

With a Digital Outreach Plan, you'll receive a marketing roadmap to follow for your outreach campaign: your overall strategy, customized email templates, direction on your 'pitches' and a list of qualified sites and influencers for you to contact.


1-on-1 Video Strategy Call ($400)

Reserve a 1-on-1 Call

Have a question you'd like to discuss about your freelancing or consulting business? Want to or discuss your marketing or business strategy? Looking for insight on the specific problem that you're facing or idea that you're exploring?

Once you pay for the call, you'll be able to pick the time on my calendar that works best for you. You'll also receive over $600 in bonuses when you reserve a 1-on-1 call. 

1-on-1 Business Coaching ($2,700/quarter)

Learn More About 1-on-1 Coaching

Not sure how to get more clients? Unsure which direction to take your business in? Feeling stuck on how to implement changes to your business?

Imagine having someone who has been in your shoes that can give you actionable advice.