Why Make Yourself Obsolete In Your Own Business?

Why make yourself obsolete in your own business? A reader writes in with that exact question in the context of Qualifying Your Leads:

I would love to minimize the effort I put into each lead.

I feel like I’m repeating myself a hundred times over. What I’d love is to have a great qualifying stage, where I could then have a conversation with them so we can determine if we’re a good fit, and then proceed with a full proposal or a roadmapping sesssion (I love that concept).

I’m basically trying to render myself obsolete, which to me is sorta the epitome of a great business.

The reader (thanks for the excellent question!) is spot on.

The goal of your business should be to render yourself obsolete in your own business. 

A close friend says their goal is to replace 90% of their business with their assistant — and have that assistant replace 90% of their job with a robot (Zapier, Drip, etc.).

But why render yourself obsolete? Why invest the time in removing yourself from the business that you’ve built and that you’re running? Every successful business is built on one key fact: you make more money than you spend. Every activity in your business can be divided into two categories:

  • Revenue generating activity for the business (“Profit Center”)
  • Operational activity to keep the business running (“Cost Center”)

Why make yourself obsolete in your own business?

Because you want to focus on the tasks that you — honestly and truly — can only do yourself. This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a staff, becoming an agency, or getting a fleet of interns. This means ruthlessly identifying what you don’t need to be doing for your business and then automating, delegating, or eliminating the rest.

In the case of the reader who asked this excellent question, they’re looking to minimize the effort they put into each lead by having a great qualifying stage.

That’s perfect!

By automating your lead qualification (using a combination of off-the-shelf tools and a few email scripts) you can drastically reduce the amount of time that you spend qualifying each lead so you can focus on the most important pieces: having a great conversation with them so you can determine if they’re a good fit.

As a free ‘Vanishing Report,’ here is my “Client Qualification Cheat Sheet”, a breakdown of the specific steps I recommend you, dear reader, take to render yourself obsolete in your own business (or, at least, the client qualification part).

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