Why does roadmapping make sense to your clients?

If roadmapping makes so much sense for you as a solo consultant, it must be taking some value from the client, right?

Not quite.

Roadmapping (paid discovery) is quite valuable to your clients.

  • It helps them better understand a successful path to overcome their challenges. They’re coming to you with what’s likely a layperson’s understanding of the challenge. They’re getting insight and direction on the best approach from you, an expert and specialist.
  • It lowers the risk of the project going sideways. If it turns out what the client wanted to do would have cost them tens of thousands of dollars and not have made an impact, they’ll be delighted to know that. They’ll have saved a lot of time and money.
  • It lowers their risk of working with a lousy partner. There are a lot of bad consultants and agencies out there. Starting with a small, paid project lets them understand how you work. They might get to the end of the project and say, “Thank you so much; we’ve decided to head in a different direction.” That’s not a failing on your part; instead, it’s a success that they could hit the eject button and head to a better partner for them.

I mean, think about how crazy the experience of finding a consultant and starting to work together is for the average client.

  • They have a problem.
  • They google around and find you or ask around and get a referral to you.
  • They read a page or two, get in touch, and have a conversation with you.
  • They decide if they want to pay you tens of thousands of dollars and work together for months or years.

That seems crazy risky to me!

As someone who has spent a bit of time on the other side of the desk recently (as a client rather than a consultant), I can tell you that it’s a crazy experience that can feel high risk.

Starting with a small, paid project is an excellent way to reduce that feeling of risk around working with you. It’s a small step forward, helps you establish and build trust and figure out if you even like working together.

That’s why a roadmap makes sense to your clients. It’s a small way to trial you as a consultant/partner/provider. If it works out, great, full steam ahead. If it doesn’t? They have an easy out of the relationship.

If you’d like to start selling roadmapping (paid discovery) to your clients, you should check out Quick Start Roadmapping (https://kaidavis.com/products/roadmapping/). Inside Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll get the tools, templates, guidance, and instruction you need to get started with roadmapping.