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What’s the number one way to get more amazing clients?

Yesterday we answered a reader question:

“What’s the best way to go from my first client to getting more?”


Today, let’s discuss another, similar question:

What’s the number one way to get more amazing clients?

Now, first off, what’s interesting to me about this question is how we can contrast and compare them.

For the second question we’re looking to get more of a specific type of clients: in this case, our best buyers. Amazing clients.

For the first question, we were looking to go from the first client to multiple clients. We talked about using referrals to get introduced to other companies who need a similar service done for them.

For the second question, well, this is where it gets interesting and we start to answer the question.

So, we want to get more amazing clients, which means that on a chart some clients are ‘amazing’ and some are ‘not amazing’ and we want to add more to the ‘amazing’ column.

First off, you want to define who these amazing clients. This is Specialization or Positioning, see Philip Morgan (http://philipmorganconsulting.com).

You define the criteria for your amazing clients (industry, size, location, etc.) to help you understand the market that you want to reach.

Second, you want to define what outcome these businesses are looking for. “Amazing clients are clients who are looking to [INSERT OUTCOME HERE].

Your job is to help your clients from where they currently are to where they want to be.

So, now you understand your target market and the expensive problem that they need your help to solve.

That’s your definition of an amazing client. Woohoo!

Now, second part: we want more of these clients. So how do we reach them?

First, ask yourself ‘where do these clients spend their time?’ Then, go there.

If that’s conferences, start speaking at and attending those conferences. If it’s another channel — magazines, trade organizations, trade shows, content sites, etc. — you want to get acce through that channel.

The three strategies that I, personally, like?


Out of your existing client list, identify 3-5 clients that (mostly) match your criteria for your amazing clients.

Reach out to them to stimulate conversations and see if they know of other businesses that would benefit from your help solving a problem.

Podcast Outreach

Podcasts can be an amazing channel to reach your target market — if they actively listen to podcasts and there is a niche of podcasts specifically for your target market.

Podcasts are a great marketing channel to reach the clients you’ve identified as amazing clients because a podcast appearance gives you 20, 30, or 50+ minutes to educated the listeners — your best clients — on how you can help them solve the problem they’re experiencing.

Direct Outreach

If you have a clear idea of:

  1. Who you’re trying to reach
  2. What problem they’re experiencing
  3. How you can help

Then direct outreach can work very very well.

What’s direct outreach? It’s identifying and then qualifying companies, finding the appropriate contact information for an individual at each qualified company, and then stimulating a conversation with them focused on understanding if they’re experiencing the problem that you solve, if they’re already investing in solving the problem, and if they’re the right person to speak with about this problem.


What’s the number one way to get more amazing clients?

First, define who those amazing clients are. Describe them with such clarity that when people hear you talk about them, they think ‘I know exactly who you’re talking about!’

Next, identify where these clients, spend their time. Conferences? Reading a trade magazine? Listening to a podcast? Following a writer? Something else?

Then, be active there.

Additionally, three systems that work to connect with these clients — once you’ve defined who your amazing clients are so that you know who to reach — are referrals (https://kaidavis.com/pricing/referral-systems/), podcast outreach (https://kaidavis.com/podcast-outreach/), and direct outreach (https://kaidavis.com/outreach-blueprint).



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