“What would you do differently?”

My friend Jason Forrest asked a great question on Twitter:

Thought experiment: if you had just bought your company, what would you do first? Is that different from what you’re doing now?

This is a really valuable question. It’s similar to a question I ask myself each week in my weekly review:

If you were an acquirer of your own business, what would you do first? What would you do differently? What would someone three years ahead of you NOT do?

As this week winds down, I encourage you to spend ~15+ minutes thinking on this question. Open up notes.app or get out a blank sheet of paper and write down what comes to mind.

I have one tip to share with you. After working on this habit for about a year, the magic isn’t in answering this question one time. The magic is in thinking on the question and answering it each week. Valuable insights (and patterns) start to bubble to the surface.



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