What roadmapping isn’t

Roadmapping isn’t:

  1. A free audit. Roadmapping projects are paid projects. You’re charging for your insights, expertise, and time.
  2. A one-off consulting call. You don’t get enough info on a one-off consulting call to deliver a proposal or recommendations to the client.
  3. An initial custom project. Roadmapping projects are standardized. You don’t want to be doing a custom initial research project each time (that way lies madness).
  4. A project that’s not related to your main service. Roadmapping works best when it helps lead the client forward to your core service. If you’re selling web branding services for software companies, you want to sell a paid branding discovery that leads clients to your core rebranding services.
  5. A sizeable initial strategy project. That’s good, and it’s something you might want to offer in the future, but it isn’t a roadmap because it goes beyond discovery. (You might, for example, propose a more expansive strategy project as a phase of the roadmap.)

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