What is Search UX?

When was the last time you’ve put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and checked out your website from their perspective? (i.e., searching for a keyword, looking at all the results, clicking your site, and looking at the landing page with fresh eyes)

Today I want to talk with you about an SEO concept I’m increasingly enamored with.

Search UX: the User Experience of searching, finding your website in the search results, taking a risk, clicking your link, and visiting your site.

It’s essential to think through the holistic experience for your visitor:

  • What keyword are you searching for?
  • What does your page title look like in the search results? Is it resonant and aligned? Or dissonant and confusing?
  • What rich results (like this) are showing for your page?
  • When they click, how fast does your page load for them?
  • When they first land on your page, are they presented with helpful information and a clear introduction? Or are they smacked in the face with countless pop-ups?
  • Are you sharing enough of the right information (along with a clear indication of what to do next) so that the visitor can feel they’ve found the information they’re looking for and conclude their search?

That’s what’s Search UX is.

Search UX is about both having a good-looking, fast site and having the right content so your visitor can think, “I’ve found what I’m looking for.”

Altogether, this means you need to think about Search Engine Optimization from the perspective of a visitor and in terms of design, layout, content, and technical SEO.

When I look at the landscape of Search Engine Optimization in The Year of our Lady Two Thousand and Twenty One, it’s increasingly apparent to me that Search UX matters.

After all, if your site is ugly, slow, and has the wrong information, why would Google want to show it to anyone?

One great way to get a professional opinion on your Search UX is with a Website Review (https://kaidavis.com/services/website-review/). Altogether, you’ll get:

  • A professional ‘second opinion’ about your website
  • Advice on what to fix along with any low-hanging fruit to improve your site
  • Feedback on your Search UX (and what to do to help Google love your site more)

Wondering what the experience has been like for others? Here’s what Jonathan Stark had to share about his Website Review:

What I discovered was that it turned out that every suggestion or constructive criticism that you gave was about something that I knew I had skimped on or was something that I was unsure of (or forgot to go back and fix!). Having a professional “second opinion” that reinforced my suspicions was super helpful. The actionable advice about how to fix certain deficiencies was icing on the cake! — Jonathan Stark

Why wait? Kick off the second half of 2021 with a professional review of your website AND your Search UX: https://kaidavis.com/services/website-review/



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