What if your previous clients cant afford to work with you?

A reader question today, shared with permission:

What if your previous clients cant afford to work with you? Are they just done?

It could be that they’re done, but there are a few other things to consider.

Big picture, the lens to look at this through is, β€œWhat can I sell my clients that helps them move forward towards their goal, but fits within their budget?”

In service of that:

  • Can you sell them a lower-priced productized service? Something that is easy for you to deliver and within their budget?
  • Can you offer an advisory/done-with-you service? They handle the implementation, you provide ‘do this, not that’ advice on what to do.
  • Can you create a small information product for these (and future) clients? Something that you can write-once and then deliver again, again, and again that helps them succeed.

The common theme is ‘Can you find a way to serve those clients at a price point they can afford?’

The answer isn’t always yes, but it’s a valuable thought exercise. You’ll often discover something that helps you fill in your product ladder.

By the way, if you want to talk through your service offerings and find something new to offer to your clients, you should consider setting up a 1-on-1 Growth + Marketing Clarity Call] On the call, you’ll get answers to your most pressing growth and marketing questions.

Here’s what Kurt Elster, founder of the Shopify agency Ethercycle, has to share about my 1-on-1 Growth + Marketing Clarity Calls:

Kai’s a sharp guy! In 15 minutes, we literally came up with a new, profitable, and frankly easy productized service to add to my business. β€” Kurt Elster, Founder, Ethercycle



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