Website Review Tip: Looketh Upon Thy Homepage

Your homepage has a vital job. It’s the face and salesperson for your website, your services, and your business. A majority of your visitors are going to land on the homepage, so you want to check regularly:

  1. Is your homepage doing its job well?
  2. Could it be doing a better job?

If your homepage is doing its job well, it should communicate at first glance:

  • Who you help
  • How you help (and what you do)
  • How to get started (and the next action to take)

That’s not everything your homepage needs, but those are some of the essentials you want to include. Why do you want to have them on your homepage? If you look at your website analytics, you’ll see that a) a majority of folks who visit your site start their browsing journey on your homepage and b) most ditch out from your homepage after a few seconds/minutes without clicking elsewhere.

So if you’re wondering, ‘how do I make a good first impression on people browsing my website?’ the answer starts with ‘make sure your homepage shares that first impression first thing.’

Okay, it’s time for action. Go ahead and load up your homepage, but with a slight twist: get your phone out and load your homepage.

Now, look at your homepage in the browser without scrolling. We’re just looking at whatever pops up above the fold when you first load the page.

What do you see?

Ideally, you should see some combination of:

  • Your positioning statement or tagline
  • A reference to who you help + how you help
  • The next step for the visitor to take (e.g., scroll, click, read, fill out a form)

(And a bit more like some text or an image, etc.)

Do you see those? Or do you see other stuff? (And, importantly, does your homepage look subtly off on your phone?)

All of this is valuable information to collect that will help you improve your website (and it’s one of the first things I look at in a Website Review

Once you’ve surveyed your scene on mobile, do the same on desktop. You want to see if the experience differs between the two. (Is one a great first impression and one a middling lukewarm handshake of a first impression? Once you know, you can start to act.)

After you’ve taken a look, think about what you’ve found.

Is there better information you want folks to see right out of the gate on your website? Are there better, more resonant/precise/efficient ways to communicate who you help + how you help + what you do?

Think about your findings and then take action. Update your homepage to look a little bit better on mobile or desktop. Test a new tagline or positioning statement above the fold. Or, radically reinvent your homepage and try something new.

And if you’re looking for an expert, outside perspective on your website, what it’s doing well, and what it could be doing better to help you sell more, more often to your customers, you should check out a Website Review:

At the end of the project, you’ll get my detailed recommendations on the top 5-8 changes or improvements to make to your website. (Plus a detailed video of my first impressions and more.)

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