Website Review Sample

Today we’re going to look at a short video reviewing the homepage of a great web design and development shop: PixelHero (

I came across their website while researching an unrelated project and they make a great example for a Website Review.

On the surface, PixelHero’s homepage is great. It’s well designed and has a certain chef’s kiss to it.

But when we dig in a bit — and you’ll see this over my shoulder in the video — we start to see opportunities to help the homepage improve and do it’s job better. (Like their underuse of ‘you’ focused language!)

Watch today’s special sample mini-Website Review right here:

And say it with me now:

Talk to your website visitors, not at them.

And if you’re looking for expert insight into your website, what it’s doing well, and what it could be doing better, you should check out a Website Review for your website.

Read more about a Website Review right here:



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