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Three Gifts (Two Articles and a Video)

Happy Friday.

Here are three things for you. Three of my favorite internet things. Two articles and a video.

Be Aggressive, My Year Of Everything

This is my favorite article. This is the philosophy by which I live my life. I read this short essay at least twice a month because it is such a touchstone in my life.

B. E. A. G. G. R. E. S. S. I. V. E. by Dave on My Year Of Everything

I could easily quote the whole article here, but I won’t. I’ll give you paragraph 3 of 9:

Pretend you’re giving it all up and going back to school in a year. Act like you have one year to make it work before you give up and try something else. What haven’t you done? Where aren’t you being aggressive enough? Go do it and embarrass yourself with your pushiness- after all, you’ll be doing something else in a year anyway, so who cares what people think? Push until you feel uncomfortable, and then double it.

It’s a good article.

Stock and Flow by Robin Sloan on Snarkmarket

I love everything that Robin Sloan has created, but this article on Snarkmarket from 2010 is particularly amazing.

It’s about the media but it’s also about economics but it’s also about how to make good stuff in this day and age.

Lemme give you one of my favorite quotes.

Do you know about this? Couldn’t be simpler, and really, it’s not even that much of an a-ha. There are two kinds of quantities in the world. Stock is a static value: money in the bank, or trees in the forest. Flow is a rate of change: fifteen dollars an hour, or three thousand toothpicks a day. Easy. Too easy.

But I actually think stock and flow is the master metaphor for media today. Here’s what I mean:

Flow is the feed. It’s the posts and the tweets. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that reminds people you exist.

Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today. It’s what people discover via search. It’s what spreads slowly but surely, building fans over time.

Stock is books and articles and podcasts. Outreach Blueprint and the Independent Consulting Manual and Podcast Outreach and Make Money Online and my other writing.

Flow is my daily emails. Interaction and conversation. 👋

This article is one of the underlying principles for how I view creating content. I think it’s the right formula. 

It’s a good article.

Who Moved My Brain by Merlin Mann

I really like Merlin Mann’s writing and speaking on time management. This is his talk at Rutgers on time management from Rutgers in 2010.

The talk is an hour and twenty two minutes and fifty six seconds long. It is worth every single second. 

Like Merlin says:

It’s a talk about time and attention but it’s ultimately kind of a talk about your life. People don’t like it when I say that because it sounds kind of like hippie California incense stuff, but it’s true.

It’s true. 

It’s a good talk.

Happy Friday.



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