There’s a liminal feeling in the air

Can you feel that?

We’re in the borderlands now. 2022 is ebbing, and 2023 is building beneath our feet, ready to surge into the world.

I always like this liminal time of year. The seasons have changed, and the winds are crisp. Travel brings new + unexpected people, places, and perspectives into our lives.

This time is excellent for thinking about your future, intentions, and goals for the coming year. What small marketing habit could help you move forward over the coming year?

I emphasized small for an important reason. Over time, small, consistent, repeated marketing efforts make a much more significant impact on your business and life than a flurry of hastily done activity.

Here’s a story: I have two friends, each with a daily physical practice. ~5 minutes/day is enough for them to get in their daily sit-ups/yoga/stretching regimen.

The first time I heard that I thought, “5 minutes? What can you get done in 5 minutes?!”

But it’s not about the size of the habit, it’s about consistency with the habit. That small physical activity habit compounded over multiple years (thousands of days!) significantly impacts each of their lives. Five minutes each day on a stretching/yoga habit adds up to ~1,250 minutes (~20 hours) over the year.

It’s the same thing in your business. Consistent small habits like the following make a big impact over a year

  • Prospecting and sending one outreach message per day
  • Spending 15 minutes/day working on your sales pipeline
  • Writing for 20 minutes each day (and remember to hit publish)

Small things. Tiny habits. But over time, those small + consistent habits build up.

Twenty minutes each day on a writing habit adds up to ~5,000 minutes (~83 hours) over the year, and that’s a high impact.

As you move through these final liminal days of 2022 into 2023, I encourage you to reflect on the year ahead of you.

What do you want out of 2023?

Even if you don’t have a polished answer, a general sense of “More of this thing, less of that thing, and none of this other thing” can help you orient yourself for the year ahead.

Here are three questions that have helped me as I work on figuring out my position, direction, speed, and spin for the coming year:

  • From this side of the year, what do you want 2023 to look like for you and your business?
  • Who do you know (or can find) who has already achieved that and can share their perspective and approach with you?
  • What small marketing habit (like ‘write for ten minutes’ or ‘send one outreach message each day’) could help you move along the shortest, most practical path from where you are to where you want to be?

Feel free to tap reply and share your answers with me. Or write them for yourself.

And if you’re considering working with a marketing and growth coach in the new year, I’d love to work with you.

I have three spots available in the new year for my 1-on-1 coaching:

The investment for 1-on-1 growth coaching is currently $1,500/month. With the new year, it’s increasing to $2,000/month. But if you apply to work together before Jan 1st, you’ll get the $1,500/month rate for all of 2023.

Read more about what’s included with 1-on-1 coaching here or get in touch with me about working together right here