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The “Windup & Pitch” Email

Every question your client asks is a problem (for them) in disguise.

Hey, can you recommend an app for <BLANK>?

Yes, I can.

But, the recommendation alone isn’t that helpful.

Once my client gets the recommendation, what will they need to do with it?

They’ll need to know:

  • What to do next
  • Why they’re doing it
  • How to get started with that next step

And then they’ll still need to find the gosh darn time to take care of it.

So, I Windup and make a Pitch.

Every question is an opportunity to say:

  • Here’s what to do next
  • Here’s why you should do it
  • Here’s how to get started with that next step
  • And, I can take care of that for you. Here’s how much that will be.

Here’s what a Windup & Pitch email looks like:

(Link: https://cl.ly/b39d6ea93dfd/The%20%22Windup%20&%20Pitch%22%20Email.png)

Next time a client asks you a question, write a short email to them. Include a Windup (your explanation for them on what they’ll need to do) and a Pitch (to do it for them).



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