Consultants: Learn how to get more clients (and keep them longer)

Learn how to get more clients (and keep them) with these educational products. Each book or video course is designed to be actionable and help you grow your business.

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initial Call Script

The Initial Call Script

Take control of your initial calls with leads and prospects with the "Initial Call Script"

Use the script and questions in this initial call script to better qualify your leads and get the information you need from your initial call. You'll be able to follow a specific script to guide your call, along with a list of recommended questions. Go from 'order-taking contractor' to 'consultant' by following a script on your initial calls with your leads.

Learn what to say on your initial calls with leads by following this simple script. ($19. Downloadable Files.)

Raise Your Clients - High Resolution

"Raise Your Clients From The Dead!"

Restart your relationships with past clients, colleagues, associates — or bring your long lost business relationships back from the dead!

The power of these copy, paste, and customize email scripts cannot be overstated. Consultants, myself included, have used them to resurrect old client relationships and generate new projects.

Learn how to "Raise Your Clients From The Dead!"... if you dare! ($20. Downloadable Files)

Pipeline Essentials (Cover)

Pipeline Essentials

Learn how to start using a Sales CRM to manage your sales process in this video course.

Take control of your sales process and know who to follow-up with — and when! Designed for solo-consultants and small agencies, Pipeline Essentials teaches you how to set up a Sales CRM (Pipedrive) and start using activity-based selling to manage your sales process.

You'll watch video tutorials showing you how to set up the software as well as get started using activity-based selling. (Video Files: $69)


Quick Start Roadmapping Sessions

Start selling paid 'roadmapping sessions' to your clients to better understand their needs

Start offering paid discovery 'Roadmapping' sessions in your business. Learn how to in this quick, step-by-step guide. (Downloadable files. Video files. $129)

Freelance Camp

Freelance Camp

Join a community of consultants and freelancers

Freelance Camp is a community of consultants and freelancers. Every day there are stimulating conversations in the community discussion board (not Slack). Every other week, there are group video calls for members to hang out and chat with each other (bring your own beer). 

Apply to Freelance Camp today ($100 for 12-months of community access)

The Independent Consulting Manual

The Independent Consulting Manual

Learn how to build a successful, high-profit consulting business in The Independent Consulting Manual

An actionable guide to building a successful independent consulting business. Co-written with 13 authors, the Independent Consulting Manual gives you all you need to know about building a successful high-profit consulting practice that fits the life you want. (Downloadable files: $49 - 119)

Outreach Blueprint — Magazine Size Book Cover — 1536x2048

The Outreach Blueprint

Learn how to email anyone and get a reply

You'll learn how to craft your outreach emails, find anyone's email address, and politely follow up until you've built a relationship. (Downloadable files. $49 - 119)

Podcast Outreach Cover

Podcast Outreach

Build your authority in your niche (and get press) by appearing on podcasts as a guest expert

Do you want to appear on podcasts as a guest expert? Look the step-by-step process to get invited onto podcasts your audience listens to in Podcast Outreach. (Downloadable files: $49 - 99)

Get Paid

Get Paid

Learn how to easily and quickly accept credit card payments online, one-time or recurring

Want to quickly accept credit card payments online (one-time or recurring) and never have to send an invoice again?

In "Get Paid," you'll learn how to easily accept credit card payments through MoonClerk and how to set MoonClerk up for a range of payment situations.

You'll also receive a coupon for $15 off your first month of MoonClerk. (Video Files. $19)

Referral Systems

Referral Systems

Learn how to get referrals from your clients and colleagues

Imagine if you had 3, 5, or even 10+ strategic partners who were referring work to you: your ideal, dream clients. What would an additional 2 or 3 clients mean for your business over the next year?

The "Referral Systems" training program shows you how to set up and maximize Referral Systems for your business. (Video Files: $77)

Outreach Mastery

Outreach Mastery

Learn how to set up your 95% automated outbound outreach campaign

Do you want to see what tools and processes you should use to run your own outreach campaign?

In this multi-part video training program, you'll get direction on the tools and systems to use to build your outreach lists and contact your prospects.

Build an outreach system that brings you clients and builds relationships. (Video Files: $200)

Collected Works

Order the collected works. Everything.

Want to pick up the collected works of Kai Davis — all books and training programs?

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