The Retirement Bundle

I’m retiring nine of my books and courses. After this, they’ll no longer be available for sale. Out with the old, in with the new.

Until then? You can purchase all nine of these products in the Retirement Bundle and snag them in one transaction at a great discount. This bundle vanishes on Wednesday, Jan 4th at ~10 am PST.

Get everything, all nine products, for $599 $299. Save 50% (!) on your purchase.

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Bonus! Get $130 in coupons and discounts!

Included with your purchase:

  • A coupon for $30 off my popular Email Template Library ($65 with the coupon)
  • A coupon for $40 off my best-selling Quick Start Roadmapping ($110 with coupon)
  • A coupon for $60 off Pipedrive’s CRM’s Professional plan (one month free to kick the tires – a great deal on my favorite CRM for solo consultants and small agencies).

And all nine products, books, and courses!

Product #1: Referral Systems ($99)

In Referral Systems, you’ll learn:

  • 13 different repeatable systems for referrals — not just the same advice to “talk to your past clients,” but thirteen unique systems, including one I learned when it was used on me (to great success!)
  • How to define your ideal clients — so you can tell your referral sources exactly who to send you
  • What to say over email or on the phone with sample email and phone scripts — you can use these in person, on the phone, in writing, or over email to ask for referrals
  • How to create and maximize ‘Referrable Moments’ — those moments when someone’s eyes light up and say, “Oh! I need to introduce you to…”

Included with this product:

  • Referral Systems (10-lesson video course): You’ll receive the 10-lesson video course that will teach you how to set up referral systems for your business
  • Bonus #1: Referral Systems Audio Q&A Library: You’ll receive access to an audio library of 30 audio lessons answering questions from freelancers and consultants about setting up a referral system
  • Bonus #2: Referral Systems Quickstart Guide: Jump ahead and implement your Referral System with this Quickstart Guide
  • Bonus #3: List of Referral Systems and Referral Sources: You’ll have a list of recommended referral systems and referral sources to reference as you identify the best referral systems for your business
  • Bonus #4: Referral Email Signature: You’ll have an email signature that you can copy, customize, and use, to ask for referrals
  • Bonus #5: Referral Email Templates: You’ll have a collection of 7+ email templates you can use for your referral outreach and referral follow-up

Product #2: Podcast Outreach ($150)

In Podcast Outreach, you’ll learn how to get on podcasts:

You’ll learn how to connect with the hosts of podcasts that your dream buyers listen to, pitch them on having you on their show as a guest, and prepare for a high-quality recorded conversation.

Included with this product:

Altogether, you’ll receive:

  • Podcast Outreach: The Book and learn the complete, step-by-step process to get on podcasts as a guest.
  • Expert Interview Video Library (8 hours of content). You’ll learn from experts, podcast hosts, and frequent podcast guests about how to get on podcasts as a guest, write outreach emails, get over your nerves, and get the best results possible on your podcast tour.
  • 32 podcast outreach email templates that you can copy, customize, and send to kick start your Podcast Tour

Product #3: Pipeline Essentials ($50)

In Pipeline Essentials, you’ll learn how to start using a CRM (Pipedrive’s sales CRM).

Pipeline Essentials (recorded in 2018) covers the essentials about starting with Pipedrive (a popular Sales CRM) and using Activity-Based Selling to manage your leads.

You’ll learn to set up a CRM, track your deals, and follow the activity-based selling methodology.

Included with this product:

Altogether, you’ll receive the following:

  • 21 ‘over my shoulder’ training videos on how to set up Pipedrive (your new sales CRM), use it to manage your email and contacts, and do CRM right
  • Plus, PDF and Word transcripts for the videos
  • 3 bonus video presentations and interviews with experts:
    • Bryce Blandon: How to find new work fast – a freelancer’s guide to outreach
    • Kai Davis: Building better outreach lists
    • Steli Efti: Effective Follow-up
  • A 30-day free trial of Pipedrive’s Professional tier (when you use the included link), a $59.99 value!

Product #4: Outreach Mastery ($200)

Learn how to set up a repeatable, scalable, (95%) automated outreach system for your outreach campaigns.

This is the exact system, process, and methods I use for my own outreach.

You’ll learn:

  • A systematic approach to follow for your outreach
  • How to turn a list of domains into a list of verified email addresses
  • The importance of visually qualifying websites before you email them
  • How to use my favorite outreach service to send automated outreach campaigns
  • A pair of prospecting methods you can use to find prospects and build your outreach lists
  • The tools to enhance your list with personalized information (at the cost of pennies per person!)

Included with your purchase:

  • 12 ‘over my shoulder’ training videos on outreach, prospecting, and list building.
    • Video 1: Better, more targeted outreach (overview of strategy, concepts, and systems)
    • Video 2: List Building with BuiltWith (how to generate a list of leads using BuiltWith)
    • Video 3: List Building with NerdyData (how to generate a list of leads using NerdyData)
    • Video 4: Turn Domains into Emails (using Hunter + your lead list)
    • Video 5: Visually Qualifying Websites (how to screen for ‘good fit’ and ‘not a good fit’ using BuzzStream)
    • Video 6: Enhancing your list with Clearbit (how to go from ‘email’ to ’name, email, address, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn title…)
    • View the complete video list here.
  • 4 Subject Matter Expert interviews:
    • Copywriting and Calls to Action with Liston Witherall
    • Outreach Systems with Jake Jorgovan
    • Writing Effective Emails with Robert Williams
    • Effective Follow-up with Steli Efti

Product #5: Get More Leads ($40)

Learn seven repeatable marketing systems for generating leads — without spending hours doing market research or writing highly personalized emails!

If you’re searching for more leads, dear reader, Get More Leads is an actionable book that will help you implement the marketing systems you need to attract and convert more leads.

Included with your purchase:

Inside Get More Leads, you’ll learn seven of my favorite lead generation systems:

  1. Community Stewardship. How to tap into existing communities to generate conversations, opportunities, and referrals.
  2. Advanced Leadomancy. Steps to take to turn your past clients or leads into future projects and opportunities.
  3. Portfolio Reconnaissance. An unexpected place to look to surface leads, prospects, and opportunities with clients in your niche.
  4. Content Beachheads. You’ll explore how to build a ‘content beachhead’ — short, focused articles that your ideal clients in your market are searching for. You’ll learn how to find questions, common patterns for your articles, and the best ways to share the articles in your content beachhead.
  5. The A.L.O.Q. System. What to say to follow up with your past clients and offer them a complimentary ‘Quarterly Strategy Meeting’ to learn how you can help.
  6. Business Coffee Dates. How to tap into your network to learn what needs people have and how you can help. (You’ll love the suggested questions to build relationships and surface opportunities.)
  7. ’Reverse Lead Generation’. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. So, where should you look to find people who will need your help tomorrow? You’ll learn how to flip lead generation on its head and tap into people who need your help.

You’ll also receive a bonus chapter on what to do with your leads and how to start using a Sales CRM: “First, you’re going to start using a Sales CRM.”

Product #6: Quick Start Lead Forms ($25)

You’re spending too much time with bad-fit ‘monster’ clients. Learn how to keep the monsters out of your inbox with Quick Start Lead Forms.

You’ll learn how to set up a lead form for your business and what questions to ask (so leads and prospective clients fill it out to get in touch with you).

Included with your purchase

  • Two videos on setting up your lead form (including one on how to set it up in Wufoo)
  • Three video teardowns of solo consultant lead forms

Plus, my PDF resources on:

  • Client intake email scripts
  • Your Client Intake Cheat Sheet
  • Client intake recommended tools
  • Sample/recommended questions for your lead form
  • Recommended tools and tooling for your lead forms
  • How to create a client intake process that saves you time

Product #7: Client Attraction Systems ($9)

I have a resource — Client Attraction Systems — that I’ve put together over the last few years scoring, ranking, and commenting on 50+ marketing and client attraction systems.

These are marketing systems that I personally, have tried, tested, studied, and reviewed. You’ll get a copy of my spreadsheet and a summary of each marketing system.

Product #8: The Damn Fine Email Checklist ($1 – pwyw)

Get 10 Tips To Help You Write Emails That Get Replies

You’ll receive 10 tips to help you write better emails that get replies. Each tip has ~200 words of advice and direction you can immediately apply to your emails.

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make your email ‘you’ focused
  • Learn the language of your recipient
  • Remember to follow-up
  • Add value to your emails
  • Personalize your emails
  • Give a specific + relevant call-to-action
  • Make small asks first
  • Invite the no (and get the yes)
  • Be brief
  • Read as if you were the recipient

Product #9: Writing Really Good Emails ($25)

What goes into writing an email that gets a reply?

Inside my new book Writing Really Good Emails, you’ll learn what goes into writing emails that get replies. Writing Really Good Emails is 8 chapters long, and each chapter features actionable ‘do this, not that’ advice on writing really good emails.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • Chapter 1: How to write really good emails
  • Chapter 2: How to use email templates
  • Chapter 3: How to write ‘you’-focused emails
  • Chapter 4: How to get more replies to your emails
  • Chapter 5: How to write easy-to-read emails that get replies
  • Chapter 6: How to write a really good cold email
  • Chapter 7: “What subject lines should I use?”
  • Chapter 8: The Really Good Email Checklist

Get all nine products for 50% off AND get $130 in bonus discounts and coupons

Get everything, all nine products, for $599 $299. (That’s a 50% savings.) This bundle vanishes at 10 am PST on Wednesday, Jan 4th, 2023.

Order the bundle right here:

Bonus! You’ll get $130 in coupons for my products and Pipedrive’s Sales CRM.

  • $40 off my best-selling Quick Start Roadmapping ($110 with coupon)
  • $30 off my popular Email Template Library ($65 with the coupon)
  • $60 off Pipedrive’s CRM’s Professional plan (one month free to kick the tires – a great deal on my favorite CRM for solo consultants and small agencies).

And you’ll get these nine products of mine on lead generation, marketing, and writing better emails:

  • Referral Systems ($99)
  • Podcast Outreach ($150)
  • Outreach Mastery ($200)
  • Pipeline Essentials ($50)
  • Get More Leads ($40)
  • Quick Start Lead Forms ($25)
  • Client Attraction Systems ($7)
  • The Damn Fine Email Checklist ($1 – pwyw)
  • Writing Really Good Emails ($25)

Order the bundle right here for $299: The bundle will disappear at 10 am on 1/4/23.

Questions? Something I could better explain? Email me directly at, and I’ll get you an answer in ~1-2 business days.