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So, in my mastermind we often talk about the power of positioning and use the example of a ‘dog lawyer’ as someone with crispy, laser focused positioning.

Imagine the cocktail party conversation

Me: So, what do you do?

Them: Oh, I’m a dog lawyer?

Me: A dog lawyer?! Tell me more!

The power of a crisp, summary statement of what you do (“Shopify Revenue Expert,” “Get in front of your dream customer on podcasts”) is an easy way to know if your positioning is crispy or lukewarm.


==> https://texasdoglawyer.com/

Look At This Website. I think it is executed incredibly well.

Let’s take a look at the first paragraph:

Zandra Anderson is a Houston trial attorney who now devotes her practice to animal law.

We have social proof (trial attorney), specificity (animal law), and geographic location (Houston).

She has handled numerous dog law cases, but has also worked with owners of cats, horses, ferrets, birds, monkeys, lemurs and has even consulted on an elephant matter.

And we see a graceful expansion from the core focus of dog law to a wider range of animals.

When we look at the service offerings, we can see a similar range of offerings that make sense for someone looking for a dog lawyer

  • Breed Specific Legislation
  • Ownership/Custody Disputes
  • Dangerous Dog Declarations
  • Injury to & Loss of Pet
  • Rescue Organization Issues
  • Civil Cruelty Seizures
  • Criminal Cruelty
  • Dog Bite Issues
  • Veterinary Liability
  • Animal Professional Liability (kennel operators, pet sitters, dog trainers, etc.)
  • Home Owner Association issues regarding dog ownership
  • Contract Issues (Adoption & Breeder)
  • Kennel Name Infringement
  • Consultant to Local Governments regarding Animal Laws
  • Consultant to Rescue Organizations
  • Advocate at State and Local levels for fair dog laws

Did I realize you could have this many service offerings related to dogs and/or animal law?

Not. In. The. Least.

But it makes sense. The deeper you go on a niche, the more specific you can get in your service offerings and when someone has an issue with a dog bit and is looking for a lawyer to handle the case, this narrow, specific positioning puts Zandra at the top of the pack (pun intended).

Zandra is doing a ton right here. I wanted to share this narrow, niche positioning with you as an example of the depth you can go to when you focus on a specific, narrow, niche.

Thank you Zandra! (And thank you Bruce for sending this my way!)



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