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The Cleaning Dash — 💨

Look around your workspace/desk/office right now.

What’s around you?

  • Notes/papers to sort through?
  • Mail that’s waiting to be opened/recycled?
  • Coffee mugs?
  • Phone?
  • Headphones?
  • Water glasses?

Take fifteen minutes (right now, or as soon as you can) and do a…

Cleaning Dash

First, switch your context. Close your tabs, back away from the computer, and put down any distracting apps.

Prep a 15-minute timer. Don’t start the timer yet. Your cleaning dash is a time-boxed activity. No need to clean everything, you’re just going to do a short cleaning dash.

Survey the scene. What are the easy wins?

You’re going to want to clear the easy, big things out of the way first.

Don’t tackle too many things thing in this dash – you can do another one later today or tomorrow.

  • Bring those glasses back to the kitchen
  • Put the papers/mail/notes into a single pile
  • Refill your water bottle/glass
  • Put excess, extra, not in use gadgets or accessories (headphones, power cables, whatever) away
  • If stuff has drifted/multiplied/spawned, bring it back to its home (or put it in a neat pile/box for sorting later)

Take a ‘before’ photo of your workspace. Now you’ll be able to see the difference you made.

Cool. You’ve switched contexts, you’ve prepared a timer, you’ve surveyed the scene and made a plan, and you’ve taken a ‘before’ photo. You’re ready to get started.

Start your timer and Go.



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