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Talking Testimonials (And Celebrating Successes)

One thing that I’ve long believed (but failed to practice) is that when you receive a new testimonial, you should take the time to tell people about it.

As Directive #8 tells us:

Be the first to celebrate your own successes. ‘If I ain’t cheering for me, why would anyone else?’

Today? I’m delighted to share a pair of new testimonials (and a slight reworking of the copy on my Marketing Clarity Call offering https://kaidavis.com/services/call/).

Here’s what Mitzi Perdue shared with me as a testimonial right after we finished our Marketing Clarity Call:

I’m thrilled by our time together! I calculate that with the five super-tips you gave me, that your time was worth to me roughly 50 times what I paid for it. You are so personable and knowledgeable and helpful. — Mitzi Perdue, Businesswoman, Author, and Professional Public Speaker

And here’s what Jakub Zajicek shared about his experience with the Marketing Clarity Call when I sent him over the testimonial questions from The Ultimate Guide to POWERFUL Client Testimonials (https://kaidavis.com/ultimate-testimonial-guide/)

“In the first 10 minutes of the call, I immediately saw a positive ROI”

I booked a Marketing Clarity Call with Kai because I was unclear on some steps in my Podcast Outreach process. I had a bunch of questions about Podcast Outreach and I couldn’t find answers online simply because my questions were too specific.

I decided to speak with Kai because of his level of experience and the overall vibe around his communication: no hyping, no income claims, and clearly stating the price. Plus, I had purchased a couple of his materials in the past, so I was sure that it would be money well-spent. ๐Ÿ™‚

After the call, I have more clarity, more confidence, and actionable steps to take with my outreach. I thought that my process and numbers sucked, but thanks to Kai, I can see that I’m above average. With the tips from Kai, I’m sure that I can become one of the best podcast booking agencies in the long run.

I strongly recommend having a Marketing Clarity Call with Kai. In the first 10 minutes of the call, I immediately saw a positive ROI. The level of his preparation and ability to answer even the most complicated questions surprised me in the best possible way.

— Jakub Zajicek, Podcast Outreach Consultant

If you’re looking for actionable, specific, and helpful advice on marketing and growing your business as an indie consultant, there are call times available starting on July 1st.

Run, don’t walk, to https://kaidavis.com/services/call/, and schedule your 1-on-1 Marketing Clarity Call today.



p.s., If you’re thinking “Hm, how do I get POWERFUL client testimonials,” then you’ll want to check out The Ultimate Guide To Testimonials, a free resource that Meg Cumby and I created, right here: https://kaidavis.com/courses/client-testimonials/ultimate-testimonial-guide/

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