Success story with Jakub Zajicek

First, a digression

My wonderful, lovely, amazing cat decided at 1am this morning that it was feeding time.

She has a very loud meow, so it was like a mini siren going off in the hallway. And the living room. And the kitchen. And then? After I fed her at 1am? She wanted company at 2am. 😭

Suffice it to say, I am wiped out today. Very low energy (and low on spoons).

I could take today as a big L and say, “Whelp, that sucked,” and be in a grouchy mood about the lost day.

But your friend Kai tries to focus on the positive.

I might have started today exhausted, but with a little green tea, I’ve got enough energy for an hour or two of work on small things. Tiny things.

So, why not take today and tackle a small bit of administrative work? Thus, today became “read, archive, and reply to the emails I’ve starred in Gmail for a future reply.”

And in that small task, I came across something that helped make the day better: a testimonial from a client — Jakub Zajicek of the agency Speak on Podcasts — that I had received and never published. And then I found his 2022 testimonial update a few emails later.

With a little bit of today’s energy, I put together the testimonial (see full text below) and added it to my Marketing Clarity Call page ( And what might have been a lost day turned into a small win.

Jakub’s success story

Here’s Jakub’s original testimonial (2020) when he was solo and just starting out

I booked a Marketing Clarity Call with Kai because I was unclear on some steps in my done-for-you Podcast Outreach process. I had a bunch of questions about how to do podcast outreach for my clients and I couldn’t find answers online simply because my questions were too specific.

I decided to speak with Kai because of his level of experience and the overall vibe around his communication: no hyping, no income claims, clearly stating the price. Plus, I had purchased a couple of his materials in the past, so I was sure that it would be money well-spent. 🙂

After the call, I have more clarity, more confidence, and actionable steps I can take with my outreach. I thought that my process and numbers sucked, but thanks to Kai, I can see that I’m above average. With the tips from Kai, I’m sure that I can become one of the best podcast booking agencies in the long run.

I strongly recommend having a Marketing Clarity Call with Kai. In the first 10 minutes of the call, I immediately saw a positive ROI. The level of his preparation and ability to answer even the most complicated questions surprised me in the best possible way.

— Jakub Zajicek, Co-Founder and CMO, Speak On Podcasts

And here’s Jakub’s 2022 testimonial update:

Just wanted to let you know that since our initial call, I’ve built a 6-figure agency and given jobs to 20+ people all around the world.

The 1-hour call with you in the beginning of my journey made a true difference and allowed me to influence millions of people (listeners) all around the world.

Up to this date, we’ve booked close to 1,300 podcast interviews for us and our customers and planted 1,300 trees (yeah, we plant a tree per interview).

You can check us out here:

Thanks again. Our call was definitely the first step that kicked things off to the right direction. Really appreciate that you made the time, even though you were offering your own Podcast Tour services back then.

— Jakub Zajicek, Co-Founder and CMO, Speak On Podcasts

I’m touched that Jakub views the call as being so impactful in his journey. We might have discussed impactful ideas on the call, but Jakub is the one who put in the work on those ideas.

If you, dear reader, are looking for more clarity, more confidence, and actionable steps to market and grow, then I recommend you check out my 1-on-1 Marketing Clarity Calls.

When we work together on a marketing clarity call, you’ll get specific feedback, direction on what to do next, and actionable steps to take to grow.

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