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Stop leaking leads

The other day I realized I didn’t have a Standard Operating Procedure for “A Lead Appeared In Your Inbox, Kai!” I immediately went to work to remedy this oversight and stop leaking leads.

Lead intake can be challenging and confusing. There are a lot of moving parts: your webpage, lead form, reviewing the lead’s information, writing and sending your reply email, and booking your initial call with that lead. And follow-up.

What’s the essential bit of lead intake? You need to have a reply email to send to your new lead to move them forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re sending your lead intake email manually or automatically. It doesn’t matter if you have a finely tuned Lead Form (https://kaidavis.com/lead-forms/) or an “Email me” link.

If you aren’t sending a reply to your leads to say, “Great to hear from you, I’d love to help. The next step is…” your lead intake will flop.

To stop leaking leads, you need an initial email that you can save, customize, and send as a reply, like:

Great to hear from you. Thanks for telling me about PROBLEM and OUTCOME. I’d love to help.
The next step would be for us to have an initial call so I can learn more about you, your business, and the outcomes you’re looking for help with. And, so I can answer any questions you have for me.
Pick the time that works best for you here: CALENDAR BOOKING LINK.
Looking forward to speaking with you,

Is this perfect? Na. Is it good enough to save in your template or resource folder? Is it good enough to use a few times until you find opportunities for improvement? Hell yeah.

Copy, customize, and send this to your new leads to help move them forward to your initial call.



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