Steaking out your process

When it comes to fulfilling your services, do you have a process you follow?

Or are you winging it each time you implement and deliver a project?

Me? I’ve fallen in love with process.

When you have a standard process to follow with a service, you can:

  • Save yourself brain juice
  • Trust the process instead of figuring it out each time
  • Optimize your process by identifying what’s working (and what isn’t working) and changing it
  • Delegate part of the process (e.g., handing it off to a contractor or team member) and focus on what you’re great at

It’s like learning to reverse sear a steak (

When you try to do it for the first time, you’re just gonna be figuring it out, following the recipe—seeing what happens.

Experiential learning.

Then, the next time you follow the process to make a steak, you’ll know more. You’ll be more familiar with the process, and your steak will (hopefully!) turn out even better.

A few more times through the process (and a few more delicious steaks)? You’ll have started to master the process.

You’ll have begun to learn where you should change, deviate from, or transform the process(e.g., a little more salt, a bit less time in the oven, testing ghee vs. coconut oil for that sear). Heck, maybe you’ll have figured out, “Oh, I need to focus on picking out the steak and getting the sear right, and I can hand the rest of the recipe off to a friend.”

The same applies to your service offerings.

When you define a process, you’ll make it easier for you to execute, fulfill, and deliver the client’s service.

Plus, you’ll be able to progressively optimize your service’s process over time. You’ll learn what’s hard, what’s easy, what takes a lot of time, and what you should change to make it easier on yourself.

If you want expert help crafting your process for your service offerings, I recommend you check out Design Your Productized Offer (, my course + guided mastermind with Marie Poulin.

In DYPO, you’ll learn how to design, launch, and promote a productized offer. But there’s more to it than that.

The magic behind a productized offer is your process. After all, your process is what makes what you’re selling a product instead of a custom project.

So in DYPO, you’ll get out expert help and guidance in defining your process. (That’s what Module 5: Define Your Process is all about.) 

If you want to start the new year with a defined, repeatable process-backed productized offer, check out and apply today.



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