Spooky, scary lead-generation powers

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily bring your old client relationships back to life?

That’s the exact skill you can learn inside Raise Your Clients From The Dead! a small — yet powerful — book of Lead Generation Necromancy.

I don’t speak too often about this book because, well, it’s just too heckin’ powerful. But because we’re officially in the Halloween Season, you have a short-lived chance to pick up a copy today.

How powerful are the scripts inside of Raise Your Clients From The Dead?

Over to Kurt Elster for his take:

“I recommended your RAISE YOUR CLIENTS FROM THE DEAD book of necromancy to a coaching student. The same day he bought it, he got a client from 2 years ago to reply and dump three maintenance projects in his lap worth four figures per month. — Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Consultant, Ethercycle

Turns out? The 4-figure monthly retainer his coaching student landed earned them a 75x Return on Investment on the cost of Raise Your Clients From The Dead

…in the first month.

Now that’s powerful.

When you pick up your copy, you’ll gain the ability to raise your old clients from the dead and bring deals, leads, and projects back to life.

What would it look like for you if you took this new skill and used it to find 1, 3, or even 5 new leads?

Interested in learning how to raise your clients from the dead? You can learn how right here: https://kaidavis.com/products/raise-clients/



p.s., what’s that floating zombie head do? probably nothing…