What's the best use of the link in the "show notes" for a podcast episode?

My good friend (and Double Your Freelancing Conference speaker) Austin Church wrote in with this great question about earning a link in the “Show Notes” for an episode:

What’s the best use of the link in the “show notes” for a podcast episode?

You are the podcast outreach expert. What do you tell your clients to do? Create a special web page that corresponds to the topic of the podcast episode? Just route people to one’s home page?

In order of effectiveness, I think it goes:
  • Having a custom, one-off landing page for the people who listened to the podcast (most effective)
  • Have a dedicated landing page that you drive people to, to sign up for a lead magnet or offer (most economical in terms of time)
  • Have a landing page for your newsletter
  • Send people to your homepage
  • Send people to your Twitter

The first two are actually tied — if I have a lead-magnet to offer the audience (like ClientIntakeCheatSheet.com or FreeOutreachCourse.com), I’ll direct people to that in the show notes and in the interview.

If I don’t, but I have some resources of value to bundle together (other interviews, articles, a sample chapter, anything curated, etc), I’ll put it together on a landing page on my site that corresponds to the topic of the episode (or even set up a unique one for each episode they’re on).

Those top two, historically, seem to perform the best for my clients.

If you have a sample chapter, a talk, or something else to give away, I’d suggest the ‘custom one-off landing page on a memorable domain’. The alternative I’d suggest would be setting up a landing page (Example.com/Landing-Page/) with messaging (headline, content) addressing the audience you’re speaking to and then offering some bonus (a call, a collection of 3 podcast episodes, 4 articles on the topic you spoke about, a sample chapter, etc.) in exchange for their email address.

But it isn’t just about the link in the show notes. For the maximum effect, you want to share your URL as part of a pair of calls to action within the episode itself.

First, you want to use a Contextual Call-to-Action where, within your answer, you mention the resource that you have to share.

That’s a great question about outreach. People often ask me “How do I get started with outreach?” and I tell them go to FreeOutreachCourse.com, a free, 5-day course on “how to email anyone and get a response.”

Second, at the end of the episode, when the host asks you where the listeners can learn more about you, you want to use a Closing Call-to-Action where you tell the listener, again, where to go to learn more

If you’d like to learn more or stay in touch, wonderful! The best way is to go to FreeOutreachCourse.com and sign up for my free, 5-day course on “how to email anyone and get a response.” Once you sign up, you’ll get the full 5-day course and then a regular email from me, teaching you how something new about outreach or digital public relations.

We repeat our call to action so that the visitor remembers it.

By thinking about the way to get the most value out of the link in the show notes, we learn how to maximize the impacts of our calls-to-action when guesting on a podcast.

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