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How do you set up a system so clients apply to work with you?

How do you set up a system so clients apply to work with you?

You have been very vocal, my friends.

You keep writing in and telling me what you want to learn or read about. And one topic comes up again, again, and again:

How do I set up a system so clients apply to work with me?

What does a client application system look like?

What questions should I ask on my application form?

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Why Doctors Have Intake Forms

Think about the last time that you went to the doctors. Did you get right in and see them immediately?

Probably not.

You probably had to make an appointment and then when you showed up, you had to fill out a bunch of paperwork on what you were experiencing, the reason why you were in, and the outcome you were looking for.

Then, once you did that, the doctor would see you, referencing the information you had provided, to quickly and accurately diagnose if they could help you.

Because you had completed an intake process — filled out an application form — you saved time, both yours and the doctor’s.

By answering the doctors questions ahead of time in a way that the doctor could easily reference, you let your meeting take place quickly.

Imagine if the doctor had to ask you every single question on their intake form one by one before they could get started.

That would take forever.

(But that’s what most of us do in an initial call with a prospect)

Instead, by using an application form, the doctor can have you easily answer the most pressing questions and then review your answers and decide which course of treatment is best for you. And if they can’t help, they’ll immediately know.

Why Consultants Should Have Application Forms

You, as a freelancer or consultant, should learn from this story.

By setting up a process in your business by which you have people apply to work with you, you control how they start their relationship with you.

You’re defining a process. Step-by-step.

First they fill out this application, then they get to speak to you.

And you get the chance to review their answers beforehand and see if they’re a good match for you. And understand what pains and problems they’re experiencing, so you can prepare for the meeting.

By implementing a client intake system — a client application system — and having prospects apply to work with you, you’ll save time (both yours and the prospects) and be able to screen for fit before you even have that first call, saving you more time.

(I know one consultant who has set up their application form such that if the lead doesn’t meet their criteria, the lead is sent an automatic ‘Thanks so much, I recommend REFERRAL or REFERRAL or one of these products. I can’t help you.’)

The Three Reasons You Don’t Have An Application Form Yet

You don’t know:

  • What software to use for your client application form
  • What questions to ask on your client application form
  • What should happen when someone fills out your client application form

That’s why you don’t have an application form yet. And that’s what “Get More Clients: Client Applications” shows you.

How to have your prospects tell you exactly what service they want to hire you for

With “Get More Clients: Client Applications,” you’ll get a training package that shows you how to set up an application form for your business.

When a client wants to work with you, they’ll be able to fill out a form on your site to apply to work with you.

Then, you’ll receive an email notification, letting you know that they’ve applied.

From there, you can review their application and reply back with any questions that you have. Or send them a link to schedule a call. Or let them know that they aren’t a fit, saving you time.

Act Now To Get The Complete “Get More Clients: Client Applications” Training Package

Order “Get More Clients: Client Applications” Today.

You can order “Get More Clients: Client Applications” for today. You’ll get a pair of videos walking you through the key elements of an application form, along with two bonus guides and the complete “Complete Intake Cheat Sheet” bundle:

  • What a client application system looks like
  • 3 different tools you can use for your client application form
  • 18 different questions you can ask on an application form
  • What consultants include on their notification / confirmation page after the prospect applies
  • How independent consultants and agencies set up their client application forms
  • What “Qualifying Questions” to ask, like “Do you have a budget?” or “How can I help?”
  • What “Personal Information” to ask, like “What’s your name?” or “What’s your phone number?”
  • How to have your prospects tell you exactly what service they want to hire you for
  • What to say in your notification messages to get prospects buying

And, if you order now, in the next few weeks, you’ll receive additional videos reviewing application forms from different consultants, including:

  • Nick Disabato
  • Kurt Elster
  • My own application form
  • And two secret others

Let’s talk price.

In the words of one of the buyers for “Get More Clients: Referral Systems” who picked the package up at the pre-order price:

It was a very, very, very good deal 😎

Nick Disabato insisted that before I release any and all future products, I run pricing by him first.

I’m pricing Client Applications at $39.

Order your copy here:

Once you order, you’ll be emailed instructions on accessing your training videos and resources for “Get More Clients: Client Applications”



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