Podcast Tour Action Plan​

A strategy and action plan to help you get on podcasts. You’ll love the ‘do this, not that’ plan to follow, list of podcast hosts to contact, and personalized email templates for your outreach.

A Personalized Strategy
For Your Podcast Tour

Are you wondering what to do to get on podcasts as a guest?

  • Who to contact?
  • Which pitches to use?
  • What to say in your outreach?
  • How often you should follow-up (and what you should say)?
  • How to get the biggest impact out of your podcast tour?

Your Podcast Tour Action Plan will set you up for success: directly connect with podcast hosts, pitch yourself as a guest, and gain access to their audience to promote your product, service, or brand.

You’ll receive actionable deliverables to help you succeed. 

Plug-and-play podcast placements 🎧

You’ll get a strategy, ‘do this, not that’ action plan, personal email outreach sequence, a list of podcasts to contact, and recommendations on how to automate 95% of your podcast outreach process.

How Does This Work?

The Podcast Tour Action Plan is designed to help identify your target audience, define a strategy for your podcast tour, and prepare the resources you need to get on podcasts.

  • We start with a kickoff meeting. We’ll meet to discuss your goals with a podcast tour, the outcomes you’re looking for, and who you’re looking to reach. I’ll answer your questions and ask some of my own. I might send over a few worksheets for you to fill out so I can have a solid understanding of your target market, offering, and background. 
After that? I’ll get to work and:
  • Write an email outreach sequence (4-6 emails long) for you to use for your podcast outreach and follow-up. You can copy + customize + send these templates to the podcasts you’re trying to reach. (This includes a sequence of follow-up emails to use, 2-3xing your chances of getting on a show.)
  • Build a targeted list of 20 qualified, relevant podcasts for you to contact, based on the information we discussed in the kickoff meeting, criteria for a great podcast, and my 7+ years of experience building podcast outreach lists.
  • Prepare a strategy and ‘do this, not that’ action plan for your podcast tour. Your strategy will give you a big picture plan to follow for your podcast tour, including recommendations on timing, campaign length, topics, and software to use. The action plan will give you specific ‘do this, then that’ guidance on how to get started.
  • Deliver your Podcast Tour Action Plan to you. You’ll receive everything listed above (and a bit more – I like to help) for your podcast tour.
  • Finally, we’ll have a recommendation discussion call. After you review the material, we’ll meet to answer any questions that you have about the materials and strategy.

Who Are You?

I’m Kai Davis. I’m a Podcast Whisperer, founder of the outreach agency Get On Podcasts, a Marketing Consultant in Oregon, and author of Podcast Outreach.

I have over a decade of experience hosting and guesting on podcasts. Seriously, I started doing this in 2012! I help my podcast outreach clients reach audiences, build high-value relationships, and grow their authority.

How Do We Get Started?

While many consultants at my level charge thousands for a report like this, I run my business lean, with smaller margins, and pass the savings on to you.

Podcast Tour Action Plans are only $1,500.

I know you may be skeptical about the value this plan could have for your business. Here is a comment from a past client:

Daniel Warner, Chief Evangelist, Portabee

Kai prepared a Podcast Tour Action Plan that we’re using to talk to podcast hosts, get on podcasts, and raise awareness of our company. I happily recommend Kai for any business looking to grow through a podcast tour.

—DANIEL WARNER, Chief Evangelist, Portabee

Get Started With Your Podcast Tour Today!

Podcast Tour Action Plans are only $1,500.

If you want an actionable, custom-tailored plan that will help you get on podcasts as a guest, build relationships, and grow your authority, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get on podcasts — and now I want to help you, too.

The Podcast Tour Action Plan is a detailed, comprehensive plan that will save you time and make you money.

If you’re interested in learning more about a Podcast Tour Action Plan, you can get in touch right now for an initial consultation at the scheduling tool below. When we meet, we’ll discuss your goals, target market, and experience, and I’ll share my recommendations with you on if a podcast tour makes sense. If we both feel working together makes sense, we can move forward with that work together.

Client Testimonials

“I was placed on over 50 podcasts, basically exhausting the field of potential podcasts I can reasonably expect to speak on.

You deliver the hell out of results. You very much know what you’re doing. And you know exactly when to reach out with the right questions.

I unhesitantly recommend this service.”

—Nick Disabato, Designer And Author, Draft

“When it comes to guesting on podcasts, Kai really knows his stuff. The podcast outreach strategy he gives away for free is better than most of the paid products I’ve found, and I’ve booked appearances on multiple podcasts following his advice.

I’ll end up blowing past my goal of 12 podcasts on this tour. The entire process is scalable, and it’s one of the best ways to get in front of new audiences, grow my email list, and establish myself as an authority.“

— Austin Church , Strategist & Founder, Balernum

I was concerned that it was too early in the process of launching and promoting a product to start doing outreach/podcast interviews. I felt like a bit of an 'imposter' trying to promote and build an audience before I had a product ready to go — and I worried that podcasters wouldn't want to talk to me.

Turns out that a) the only time where it's too early to do promotion is if you don't have an email list (or some other form of reengagement strategy) ready and b) if you're able to speak and write cogently about your topic and help people, people are always willing to talk to you.

We literally haven't gotten a "no thanks" yet — we've gotten a few no replies that we're still following up with, but literally not a single "you're not qualified".

Getting on the phone with Kai was really, really helpful — his book helped make a good general plan and have a good understanding of the landscape, but talking with Kai really reassured me that the path I was taking was the right one.

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know, and talking to an expert like Kai provided me with the confidence to execute quickly and decisively.

I wouldn't have been able to put together a solid plan of action for Kai to approve without his book on podcast outreach in the first place; it really helped me understand the way that podcasting and podcast guesting works.

While a large portion of the time speaking with Kai was confirming that we were on the right path, Kai also provided some strategic tweaks (largely around which podcasts to target) that saved many hours of trial and error.

In the same call, Kai was able to sneak in a 15 minute "positioning masterclass" about the difference between "vitamin" products and "painkiller" products that would have made the whole thing worth it by itself!

  • I strong recommend Kai's services. Talking with Kai saved me many hours of research, trial and error, self-doubt, and heartache, and would have been a bargain at twice the price!

— Kennedy Collins, Founder, Ohmcoach

After I sent my first email from Kai’s Podcast Outreach book, I was scheduled to record on a large podcast with over 100 episodes that reached an audience of my dream buyers!

— Mojca Mars, Facebook Ads Consultant, Super Spicy Media

After listening to Kai talk about the principles of Podcast Outreach, I realized “This isn’t hard. I’m an expert. I just need to start reaching out to podcasts and trying to book appearances.” I had no idea how easy it would be! Since beginning, I’ve scheduled appearances as a guest expert on 10+ podcasts that reach my target market.

I recommend Kai and ‘Podcast Outreach’ to anyone looking to grow their audience or anyone looking for a way to get ‘out there’ and promote their material. After we had talked, I identified 25+ podcasts that reached my target market. Then, I reached out to them. So far I’ve booked 10+ placements as a guest on podcasts ranging from small to big, and all of them are targeted to my audience.

Josh Doody, Author, Fearless Salary Negotiation

For months I've been noodling on how to grow my audience and the concept that keeps coming up is Other People's Audiences. Guesting on podcasts seemed like a good way to approach that and I had seen in a slack that you offered done-for-you podcast tours.

I wanted to start out by testing the podcast tour approach, not whether my team could implement and figure out podcast tours from scratch. Basically I had no idea what I'm doing and needed help from someone who has worked out the kinks. And rather than learn how to run the process myself, I wanted to just show up and do the fun part – be the guest and subject matter expert.

In my experience, podcast tours are great! The ROI is hard to estimate because my funnels aren't perfect yet but there's a clear distinction in my email audience growth before and after the episodes started coming out. Even if the metrics are fuzzy, it looks like meeting people where they are and showing them a hint of what you've got really works.

Guesting on several podcasts about similar topics has been a great way to workshop content and dig into how I explain things. What works and what doesn't work, what questions people ask, and where interests lie. This has been invaluable. On top of that I now have a bunch of marketing assets that can be reused for evergreen sharing, onboarding email campaigns, sales pages, and potentially a reverse podcast feed.

I would definitely recommend Kai. Working with Kai has been great. Knowing that he'll handle the details and I can sit back and do my part without any hands-on management is fantastic.

— Swizec Teller, author at swizec.com