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Is your Shopify app listing doing its job?

With the Shopify app store, it’s essential to have a listing that is up-to-date and stands out from the crowd.

Sure, you filled out your app listing with the required information a while ago. Maybe you even refreshed your listing in the last few months with new information (to meet the Nov 1st, 2022 app store update deadline).

Here’s the thing: if you’re in the Shopify app store, you’re fighting for space and attention in a crowded marketplace.

Depending on your niche and category, you might be fighting dozens of apps for visibility on your main keywords.

And as Shopify rolls out changes to the App store (like ‘Built for Shopify,’ updated search algorithms, and search ranking boosts), the search landscape is changing.

That’s the uncertainty of the Shopify app storeWhat was yesterday’s stable ranking is today’s volatility.

Is your app doing everything possible to keep your rankings high, attract visitors, and convert them into installs? Heck, is your app listing:

  • Updated with the latest information?
  • Optimized to bring in traffic from relevant keywords?
  • Highlighting your app’s benefits and written in the second-person (’ you’) voice?

If your app listing is under-optimized or outdated, you will struggle to rank and generate traffic and installs.

Think about your business. Where is your time most valuable?

When I’m helping optimize your app listing and grow your app in the app store, you’re free to focus on the most impactful work for your business that you’re uniquely suited for: developing new features, working on overall marketing, or running your business.

But this only works if you can leave your app store optimization to someone you can trust, which is why my clients love working with me.


What if you felt more confident in your app listing and marketing?

What if you were confident that your app listing was doing its job to market your app? What would be different?

Your app listing would be:

  • Optimized to bring in traffic from relevant keywords
  • Full of ‘voice of customer’ language, pulled from your app reviews
  • Refreshed with new information, your latest features, and up-to-date benefits

More importantly, you’d rest easy knowing that your app store listing was doing everything possible to reach visitors and generate installs.

Presenting: done-for-you app store optimization

Stop trying to market your app in the app store yourself! Work directly with an experienced growth marketer, copywriter, and marketing strategist on done-for-you Shopify app store listing optimization (that’s me, Kai Davis 👋).

What’s included

First, we’ll get on a kickoff call so I can better understand your goals in the app store.

After that, each month, you’ll get two new app store experiments written, deployed, tested, and analyzed on your behalf (i.e., copywriting updates, SEO keyword changes, category changes).

At the end of each month, you’ll get a report sharing what experiments I tested along with what’s working, what isn’t working, and insight into what I’m thinking of testing next.

Plus, you’ll also get ongoing suggestions of additional app store marketing opportunities to consider, like recommended changes to your app’s explainer video, suggestions for improvements to your analytics setup, or changes to your creatives and images.

“How much does this cost?”

Done-for-you Shopify app store optimization is $1800/quarter, with a minimum 3-month commitment.

“What specifically will you be doing?”

In the first month

  • I’ll optimize your Shopify App Store Listing to highlight the benefits of your Shopify app and help motivate the merchant reading the listing to click ‘add app.’

And then ongoing in each following month, I’ll run two new experiments like the following:

  • Copywriting experiments to highlight your app’s benefits and improve your messaging (i.e., updates to your app name, introduction, details, and feature list).
  • Pricing detail experiments to highlight the benefits and unique value of each plan (i.e., updating the copy for your pricing descriptions, features, or plan names – not adjusting the plan pricing.)
  • Category experiments to place your app in the most relevant and rank-able categories.
  • SEO keyword changes to your app listing (i.e., updating and adding additional keywords, tracking changes in rankings.)

“When can we stop working together? (Don’t say ‘never.’)”

First, you can cancel our work at any time. Not feeling it? Just let me know.

Second we’ll likely stop working together after 3-6 months (though every client is different). After that time, we’ll likely have reached a growth plateau in the app store, and other marketing and growth opportunities will make more sense.

Would you like to work together?

I only work with a small number of clients at a time. I have four three slots available for app store optimization clients.

If you’d like to work together, click here to schedule an initial 25-minute consult. I’ll bring some questions about your app, your goals, and what you’ve tried already.

"I choose to work with Kai because he had a personal approach and experience in the Shopify space.

I also liked the fact that he was going to create a marketing growth plan and give me ux insights into my app.

It was helpful to have Kai actually use the app and get insights beyond what I would get from actual users.”

Celso White, Shopify App Founder, Otto Promotional Image Scheduler

Frequently asked questions

  • “I don’t need any help.” That’s not a question — and everyone needs help at some time. With this service, you’re getting done-for-you help to optimize your app store listing and working directly with an experienced marketer specializing in Shopify (that’s me, Kai Davis).
  • “Can’t I do these optimizations myself?” You absolutely can, but where will your time make the highest impact? When we work together, you’re free to focus on where your time is the most valuable, like interviewing customers, developing new features, or spending more time with your family.

"What makes you different? Why not work with an agency?"

First, you’re working directly with me, Kai Davis. Unlike working with an agency, you won’t get passed from a salesperson to a project manager and junior team member. All my clients work directly with me, from initial sales calls through project delivery. You’ll have my personalized attention throughout our time together on your business, app, and app store listing.

Second, I have years of personal and professional experience with the Shopify platform. I love Shopify and love working with the owners, developers, and directors of Shopify apps. On top of that, I have a seasoned understanding of Shopify merchants: I’m the founder/owner of Double Your Ecommerce, where since 2014, I’ve worked exclusively with Shopify stores.

Third, you’ll always know how much it’ll cost to work together before our project starts. I never charge an hourly or daily rate; all my services are fixed-price.

Shopify Apps I’ve worked with:

Would you like to work together?

I only work with a small number of clients at a time. I have four three slots available for app store optimization clients.

If you’d like to work together, click here to schedule an initial 25-minute consult. I’ll bring some questions about your app, your goals, and what you’ve tried already.

“What do people say about your work?”

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many online businesses, creators, and brands to help them get more visibility, rank higher, and get found online. Here is a selection of their kind words.

“It feels like you’ve taken the time to get to know my business, and that you care about my success.”

— Arianne Foulks, Founder/Captain, Aeolidia

Is Kai an SEO Master? Hell yes!

I’ve worked with Kai on 6+ Shopify SEO projects, ranging from SEO Audits and Link Building Campaigns to helping Shopify store owners understand why their competitors are outranking them.

I recommend Kai to every single Shopify store owner I know who wants more traffic.

— Kurt Elster, Founder & Principal, Ethercycle

p.s., Looking to grow in the Shopify app store? Market your app with done-for-you app store optimization! Get ongoing experiments and optimizations to your app listing to attract new visitors and convert them. Only three slots are available. Get in touch and tell me about your app right here.

p.s.s., Not yet ready to work together? I dig it. In the meantime, I recommend you sign up for my newsletter on growth for Shopify apps. You’ll get a steady stream of articles, tips, guides, and teardowns: kaidavis.com/own-your-app-growth/