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Screen your prospects for fit and qualify out bad clients before you get on a call

You’re spending too much time with bad-fit clients

When a prospect contacts you, what happens?

  • Do you have a defined set of questions that you ask?
  • ​Do you screen for fit before you get on that first call?
  • Do you set expectations with them on when your availability might be?

If you’re like most consultants, your business is hurting because you don’t have a defined client application process.

When someone contacts you, you need to remember what to do:

  • What questions to ask to make sure they’re a good fit
  • What email templates to send them
  • What links to send them to book a call

It’s annoying and it’s painful. It’s taking up your time and it doesn’t need to any more.

What if you didn’t have to deal with bad-fit clients anymore?

Let me tell you a story about my friend Trevor.

Trevor has a client application form in place. Everyone he works with fills it out before they get on a call together. It collects all the relevant information that Trevor needs to make a first-pass, gut-level check on if they’re a fit or not.

A few weeks ago, someone applied to work with him. The application wasn’t complete and left out details or wrote in “N/A” for some easy to answer questions (like “Describe the product that you sell?”).

Trevor immediately decided to turn down this client. All the warning signs were there from a single email. The prospect communicated how they viewed Trevor in this relationship — as a commodity service provider — and that showed in their response.

But then Trevor had a change of heart. 

He thought “Talking to them will help me better understand my target market. This is a research opportunity.”

Props to Trevor. It is an opportunity to learn, not to sell. So they scheduled a time to talk.

And then the prospect no-showed the meeting.

Just like that, Trevor saw the value of having everyone go through a standard application system.

He was instantly able to know that this prospect was a bad fit. Now, with that lesson in mind, he would follow his initial feelings on the prospect when reviewing their application.

Trevor doesn’t work with bad-fit clients anymore. In fact, thanks to his client application process, he turns down 60% of the people who apply to work with him before getting on a phone call with them, because he’s able to understand what they’re looking for, what help they need, and if they’re the right fit to work with him.

Would you like this experience?

  • Prospects who want to work with you are directed to an application form with specific questions you’ve selected to determine fit
  • Once a prospect fills out the application form, they’re automatically set a notification email with either additional questions or instructions on the next steps (and expectations on timeline in terms of a response)
  • You receive an email in your inbox to review to see if the client is a fit to work with you. If they are, you can reply back with a few questions or to schedule a call.

It can be yours. There are two options. A Done-for-You and a self-study video training program.

Video Training Program

You can order “Get More Clients: Client Applications” today for $19. You’ll get a pair of videos walking you through the key elements of an application form, along with two bonus guides and the complete “Complete Intake Cheat Sheet” bundle.

All together, you’ll learn:

  • What a client application system looks like
  • 3 different tools you can use for your client application form
  • 18 different questions you can ask on an application form
  • What consultants include on their notification / confirmation page after the prospect applies
  • How independent consultants and agencies set up their client application forms
  • What “Qualifying Questions” to ask, like “Do you have a budget?” or “How can I help?”
  • What “Personal Information” to ask, like “What’s your name?” or “What’s your phone number?”
  • How to have your prospects tell you exactly what service they want to hire you for
  • What to say in your notification messages to get prospects buying

And, if you order now, in the next few weeks, you’ll receive additional videos reviewing application forms from different consultants, including:

  • Nick Disabato
  • Kurt Elster
  • My own application form
  • And two secret others

Order your copy here:

==> https://davisindustries.samcart.com/products/application-systems

Wait, I have questions

Couldn’t I do this myself?

Yes, you absolutely could. And if you do, I recommend you purchase a copy of the video training “Get More Clients: Client Applications” to review and save you time.

But if you’re a busy business owner, do you have the 4-8+ hours it will take you to learn how to implement this yourself?

  • Picking a piece of software and verifying it will work for your business (1 hour)
  • Figuring out what questions to ask on your Client Application (1 hour)
  • Configuring your application software (2 hours)
  • Testing your application software (1 hour)
  • Writing a prospect notification email… (1 hour)

and much, much more.

If you value your time highly — that is, you charge $50/hr or more — then it is to your benefit to purchase this training package. 

When compared to your hourly rate, you’ll be saving money by hiring someone else to do this for you. And if you bill for 8 hours in the time you would have spent doing this, you’ll have made back more than the price.

Ready to get started?

Order the self-study video training program option:

==> Order Your Video Training “Get More Clients: Client Applications” for $19 https://davisindustries.samcart.com/products/application-systems



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