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If you’re reading this, maybe you’re wondering “Who Is This Guy?” so:

I’m Kai Davis.Β I help freelancers and consultants get more clients without spending more on marketing. Thousands of freelancers and consultants ready my daily letter on freelancing (https://kaidavis.com/daily), make sure you sign up today.

I work 1-on-1 and in group settings with freelancers and consultants to help them get more clients, improve their marketing, and grow their business (https://kaidavis.com/coaching/). IΒ have a collection of books and video training programs (https://kaidavis.com/pricing/) available for you, if you’re the type of person to put a value of self-improvement and continuing professional education.

I’m one of the two hosts of Make Money Online (http://makemoneyonline.exposed), a podcast about running an independent business. I’m the host of Get More Clients (https://kaidavis.com/podcast/), a podcast about marketing systems that you can use to get more clients. Sometimes I interview people too. I’m a panelist on The Freelancer’s Show (https://devchat.tv/freelancers/) where every week we host a discussion on freelancing and consulting.

I write articles. You can read them at https://kaidavis.com/articles/. Your best next step is to sign up for my email list, over here, at https://kaidavis.com/daily/. If you sign up today, you’ll get tomorrow’s letter in your inbox, guaranteed.

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