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With June kicking in, I’m excited to announce the June “Get More Clients” Freelancer Giveaway. In this Freelance Giveaway, you’ll win this month’s prize for freelancers, consultants, or agency owners. The freelance giveaway is free to enter, just answer the question correctly and enter your email address.

Prizes will be awarded only to the people who submit their email address.

Anyone starting out in their freelance business or looking to take their business to the next level will get tremendous value out of the June giveaway.

Want to skip ahead and enter the giveaway? It couldn’t be easier. Just click this button and follow the instructions:

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The Positioning Manual, The Independent Consulting Manual, and a 1-on-1 Video Coaching Call!

There are so many parts to a moving freelance business. Especially when you first start out. I know that it was that way for me. That’s why I put together this June Freelance Giveaway, to give you everything you need to grow your business:

Business Health Analysis + 1-on-1 Video Coaching Coall ($750 Value)

What if you know exactly where to focus in order to improve your Freelance business? With the Business Health Analysis, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of your business and recommendations on where to focus your marketing and business development efforts in order to get more clients.

The Independent Consulting Manual ($49 Value)

The guide on how to grow and run a 6-figure ($100,000+) consulting agency (

The Positioning Manual ($99 Value)

You’ll receive a copy of the best book on positioning and niching as a freelancer or consultant: The Positioning Manual (

The definitive guide on positioning your freelancing or consulting business. I have followed Philip Morgan’s advice every time I have repositioned my business and it helped me grow from 5-figures to 6-figures — and continue growing through the low 6-figures.

You get The Complete Bundle, normally $99, available to you for free.

“How do I enter?”

It couldn’t be easier. Just visit this link (

Answer the easiest multiple choice question ever and add your name and email address to enter.

You can get more entries just by simply sharing your own custom link (which will significantly increase your chances of winning this freelance giveaway).

Just think, less than 3 minutes of work on your part and you could raise the bar on your freelance business and have your most successful year ever!

Go on, go enter it now, enjoy!

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