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Start charging for what you’ve been giving away for free in your proposals: strategic insight based on your years of experience and insight as a professional into how your clients can solve their problems, achieve their goals, and reach their objectives.

When you start selling strategy-focused productized ‘roadmapping’ discovery offerings, you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors (you don’t ‘just’ do implementation) and capture more revenue from your clients.

Inside Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll receive all the templates, resources, and guidance you need to sell, run, and deliver a strategy-focused ‘roadmapping’ offering. You’ll get the tools, templates, tactics, resources, and worksheets you’ll need to sell, market, and deliver roadmapping projects.

Proposal Writing Is
Strangling Your Business

That’s not a secret; it just feels good to say out loud.

Why is proposal writing dumb? Here are four of the top ways proposal writing eats up your time and energy, turns your hair gray, and costs you money:

  • Bad-fit clients and tire-kickers will gleefully spam the ‘request proposal button. And since you can’t tell from the outside if someone is a tire-kicker and doesn’t have a budget, you’re on the hook to write a proposal whenever someone asks. Oy vey.
  • You’re wasting your time writing proposals. If you spend an average of 4 hours/week writing, discussing, and negotiating, proposals, that’s 208 hours of your work-time each year spent writing proposals. Let’s say you close 50% of the proposals you send out. That means that 100+ hours of your proposal writing time each year is wasted.
  • Your proposals are at best an educated guess based on a ~30-60 minute conversation. Before you guess about a project’s scope, price, timeline, or goals, shouldn’t you sit down with the client to discuss their strategy, budget, timeline, and goals?
  • You’re giving away the value of your strategic insight for free in your proposals. The strategic insight you’ve put together over the years you’ve been in business is an incredible source of value for your clients. But when you write a free proposal that outlines your recommended approach, you’re giving that value away for free.

Sure, you could continue spending hundreds of your precious hours each year writing proposals that get tossed into the trash. Or, you could take back your power. 

When you position yourself as an expert consultant with a strategic roadmap, you radically differentiate yourself from your competitors in your market and command premium rates.

Stop Writing Free Proposals;
Start Selling Strategic Roadmaps

Consider this semi-radical idea: what if you just stopped offering proposals to leads and clients? What if the only way people could get started working with you was with an initial paid project focused on strategy and discovery: a roadmap?

That way, instead of ending up making an “educated guess” about a project’s scope, price, timeline, and goals (based on a ~30-45 minute conversation or two) and spending hours writing a proposal for free, you’d start your work with your client by focusing on understanding their problem and their goals and then collaboratively defining a solution to help them reach their goals.

Plus, because roadmaps are a great initial project and a way for you and your client to get to know each other (and see how you work together), the next step in your relationship might be as simple as you saying:

“Alright, you need A and B. I recommend we tackle A first. That’ll cost $X. Should I send over an invoice?”


And your client will respond:

“Sounds great. Let’s do it.”

Your client

Start Charging for
Your Strategic Value

Presenting Quick Start Roadmapping, your guide on how you can stop writing proposals and start selling high-value strategy-focused paid project roadmaps.

It’s easy to talk at a high level about roadmaps, but how do you approach selling them (or selling paid discovery) step-by-step?

  • What should you charge?
  • What deliverables should you offer?
  • How do you run a roadmapping meeting?
  • How should your roadmap differ (or specialize based) on your industry or clients?

You’ll find answers to these questions (and more) inside Quick Start Roadmapping.

Quick Start Roadmapping covers the information you need to know to stop writing proposals for free and start selling, running, and delivering strategy-focused paid roadmapping engagements.

When you apply the information, templates, and resources included in Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll be able to quickly start selling paid roadmapping projects.

And when you sell your first roadmap — no matter if you sell it for $500, $1500, or $5000+ — you’ll see a fantastic return on your investment in Quick Start Roadmapping.

You aren’t just purchasing a book; you’re buying a system that gives you the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to start selling a new, profitable, strategic service.

“What’s included with Quick Start Roadmapping?”

Inside Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll find the resources, templates, and answers to your questions on selling and delivering roadmapping projects.

When you order, you’ll receive:

  • Quick Start Roadmapping: The Book. This detailed book covers the step-by-step process to follow to offer, sell, and deliver paid project roadmaps to your clients. Inside, learn how roadmaps help you ‘read your client’s minds’ and learn what they really need. (Available in PDF, ePub, and Mobi format).
  • Complete Roadmapping Resource Library. With this library full of agendas, templates, and Standard Operating Procedures, you’ll have everything you need to get started selling and delivering your roadmaps.
  • Kurt Elster Video Interview on Roadmapping. You’ll love this 50-minute video interview with Kurt Elster of Ethercycle on how Ethercycle uses roadmapping as one of their service offerings. Watch the video interview (and read the included human-generated transcript).
  • Roadmapping Webinar. This video recording (or a webinar presentation and Q&A) gives a detailed overview of the entire roadmapping process from tooth to tail.
  • Roadmapping Pre-Meeting Template (with Video Walkthrough). This questionnaire is one of the core elements of the way I approach the roadmapping process. You’ll receive a copy of my questionnaire template (and question swipe file) to use as your starting point.

Plus, access the complete Roadmapping Resource Library

With your purchase, you’ll get access to the complete Roadmapping Resource Library. You’ll love the collection of templates, questionnaires, meeting agendas, and swipe files to help you get started with roadmaps.

  • Templates of questions, checklists, and agendas to run the roadmapping process
  • A pre-meeting questionnaire you can copy, customize, and send to your clients to fill out before your meeting (that way, you can start learning about their needs before you even sit down).
  • A high-level overview of the entire roadmapping process from, “A lead has contacted you” through “What to say when you’re following-up after delivering your roadmapping report.”

Questions, Frequently Asked

“What’s unique about Quick Start Roadmapping?”

With Quick Start Roadmapping, you’ll have the tools, templates, guidance, and instruction you need to get started with roadmapping. This course focuses on giving you the’ 80/20’ essentials you need to know to sell, manage, and deliver roadmapping projects.

You’ll get documentation, instruction, and examples you need so you can start selling roadmapping services in the coming weeks.

“Is roadmapping effective?
Does this work 100% of the time?”

Nothing works 100% of the time. That said, offering project roadmaps as a paid service offering is an incredibly effective way for your business to:

  • Eliminate bad-fit clients earlier in your sales process
  • Add a new, profitable, strategy-focused engagement to your offerings
  • Develop a rapport and build a relationship with each new client by starting with a small initial project

With your purchase, you’ll receive everything I could think of to help you succeed on your journey. You’ll still need to do the work.

“What if I’m not happy with my purchase?”

I want you to have a smile on your face. If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase, run into a challenge, can’t find something, or have a question, email me and say so. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you’re happy.

You’ll receive immediate access to my book and all of the included tools, templates, and resources with your purchase. As such, I cannot offer a refund or return policy for Quick Start Roadmapping.

Start Selling Strategy-as-a-Service

If the idea of:

  • Eliminating the pains of proposal writing
  • Getting paid for your strategy and insights
  • Positioning yourself as a strategic consultant
  • Radically differentiating yourself from your competition

Sounds like the direction you want for your business, then Quick Start Roadmapping is what you’re looking for. With your purchase, you’ll receive everything you need to market, sell, run, and deliver paid roadmapping projects with your clients.

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