“Retiring? Why? What then?!”

Today? Answers to reader questions about the Retirement Sale and the Retirement Bundle. Let’s tackle these in order:

First: “Retiring?”

Don’t worry, I’m not retiring. 9/15 of my paid products/books/courses are retiring.

I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be here sharing marketing, growth, and entrepreneurship tips, advice, and stories until they pry my Ono-Sendai keyboard out of my hands.

Second: “Why?”

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on marketing and strategy for kai davis dot com in advance of a Q1/Q2 marketing push. (More on this in a few days.)

Along the way, I realized it would be helpful to trim my product line. (This was both metric and sanity driven!)

As I spent time working on the site, with fresh eyes, I could see that the metaphorical digital garden that is my paid products was overgrown, and I decided to trim what was growing there. And for that, I used a metrics-based approach.

I took some time and:

  • Aggregated all product purchase information since 2015 (!)
  • Looked at product performance (in terms of money in and units sold) over 2021 and 2022
  • Saw that the products I decided to trim (listed here were at the bottom of the pack in terms of performance

So, I decided to retire these products (ref: https://kaidavis.com/retirement-sale/).

Here are the products leaving my store (snag them individually at 25% off – no coupon required – until 10 AM PST on Jan 4th):

And here are my products that are sticking around:

I’m excited because this change leaves me with a nice, clear product line — and space to grow new things.

What then?!

Again, don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. Deo Volente, I plan to be here and doing this for quite awhile.

I’ve got some exciting things in the works for 2023. More on those with time. 🙂

A reminder that the 50%-off Retirement Bundle disappears tomorrow (Jan 4th)

Tomorrow at 10 AM PST, all nine of these products will disappear from my store.

  • Referral Systems
  • Podcast Outreach
  • Outreach Mastery
  • Pipeline Essentials
  • Get More Leads
  • Quick Start Lead Forms
  • Client Attraction Systems
  • The Damn Fine Email Checklist
  • Writing Really Good Emails

Until then? You can purchase all nine of these products in the Retirement Bundle and get them in one transaction at a significant discount ($299 – 50% off!).

Plus, you’ll get $130 in bonus coupons and discounts:

  • $40 off my best-selling Quick Start Roadmapping ($110 with coupon)
  • $30 off my popular Email Template Library ($65 with the coupon)
  • $60 off Pipedrive’s CRM Professional plan (one month free to kick the tires – a great deal on my favorite CRM for solo consultants and small agencies).

You can read more about each product in the retirement bundle here: https://kaidavis.com/the-retirement-bundle/.

Or you can order the bundle here for $299, save 50% on all nine products, and get $130 in bonus coupons and discounts: https://kaidavis.gumroad.com/l/retirement-bundle?wanted=true.

Questions? Comments? Something I could better explain? Tap reply and say hey.