Retirement Sale

No, not me, silly.

I’m retiring nine of my books and courses. After this, they’ll no longer be available for sale. Out with the old, in with the new.

Don’t get me wrong, these products are excellent, and the information they share is high-value and high-impact for your business and marketing.

Here’s the thing: my paid product line-up is crowded (15+!). I need to focus on the top-performing products and make space for new things. So, it’s product retirement time. Onwards.

Here’s what’s leaving from my store and website

The following products will disappear entirely at ~10 am PST on Jan 4th. Until then, you can purchase them at 25% off. (Prices have been updated on the site and in the shopping cart. No coupons are required.)

Or you can buy one copy of everything in the Retirement Bundle at 50% off. Read more about what’s included with each product in the bundle here:

In which I wax poetic about the benefits of buying the Retirement Bundle

(50% discount! Get $130 in bonus coupons/discounts!)

The retirement bundle is a big discount (50%, saving you $300) and includes a bonus of $130 in coupons and discounts for:

You’ll get all nine of my products and $130 in three bonus discounts/coupons at a 50% discount. The bundle and the nine products vanish on Jan 4th, 2023, at ~10 am.