by Kai Davis

I’m exhausted. You are, too, I bet.

This year has been an unrelenting runaway train for all of us. It’s hard to be human. You know that already.

Let’s talk about how to give yourself the rest you need while setting yourself up for 2021.

If your brain, body, and spirit are running on empty, you’ve got to take the time to give yourself the rest that you’re asking for. If you try and power through, I’ve got some bad news for you: you will continue to be exhausted.

The only solution is to rest.

What you do for rest will be unique to you. My preferred forms of rest often include the standard (e.g., reading a book, binging something on Netflix, meditating) and the less standard (e.g., flying somewhere unknown and wandering around a park/forest/mountain/beach for a few days).

If you’re feeling burnt, whatever it takes for you to rest and recharge, I highly encourage you to take the time and do it.

Yes, there might be deadlines, client projects, deliverables, or meetings on your calendar. If there are —and if they’re blocking your rest— reschedule them.

That might be an uncomfortable pill to swallow, but it is a pill you may need to swallow.

After all, if everything stays the same and January 4th, 2021 shows up, and you already feel burnt out, exhausted, and Done With It™, what is that going to set you up for in 2021? (Hint: it’s more burnout, more rest, and more burning the candle at both ends.)

Send a short email and let the other party know you need to adjust the timeline. Here’s an email template for you as a starting point. (This is for rescheduling meetings, but you can customize it to adjust other expectations.)

Heya, I need to adjust our planned timeline a bit and reschedule this {meeting | deliverable | something else} for after the start of the new year.

Are you available at any of these times?

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

If not, you can pick the time that works best for you right here to meet {calendar booking link}.

Talk to you in the new year.

— Your Name

With that, nudge the few remaining meetings on your calendar into the new year and free up a little time — a week, maybe two — for rest, relaxation, and the joy of meeting-free days.



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