Why you should ask your clients for testimonials instead of waiting for them to come to you

It feels awkward to ask for testimonials. It can feel like you’re putting a burden on your clients when you ask them to provide one. But asking for testimonials is important because, unless prompted, clients will rarely volunteer a testimonial regarding your work together. It’s just not something that is at the top of their mind to do.

You can make the ask less awkward and get strong testimonials if you integrate requesting testimonials into your process. By implementing some simple, repeatable steps for collecting testimonials from your clients, you’ll be able to proactively:

  • Prompt clients for a testimonial at the right time.
  • Provide a structure to get the most helpful information from your client.
  • Direct the testimonial process in a way that both makes it easy for your client and benefits you.

We’ll cover how to do this later in the guide.

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