How to put together the best possible (results-focused) testimonial

We’ve mentioned earlier in the guide that putting together the testimonial is a collaborative process between you and your client. Testimonials are, ideally, part of a conversation between you and the client.

  • You ask the client for a testimonial.
  • You share specific questions the client can answer in order to generate a high-value testimonial.
  • The client shares their responses with you (or uses the questions to draft a testimonial).
  • You review the client’s responses or testimonial draft and note any opportunities to make the testimonial more specific, highlight quantitative results, note any particularly important details the client missed, or defeat a potential objection.
  • You share any changes you have with the client, noting why you’re requesting a change and sharing a revised draft of the testimonial with them.
  • If the client wants further changes, work with them until you have a text that reflects the client’s experience working with you and that is satisfactory to you both.

Try to take a light touch in editing the client’s words — you don’t want to remove the authenticity of their voice. But if you’re working with a client on a testimonial and they don’t touch on a specific aspect of your work together that’s important for you to highlight, feel free to mention that to them, and suggest a way to include that aspect of your work in their endorsement.

By making this an iterative and collaborative process between you and the client, you’ll be able to maximize the impact that your testimonial has on your business. If you want an expert to take care of this process for you, contact Meg.

But what do you do if you’re having trouble getting testimonial from a client that originally expressed interest in providing you one, but has since gone silent?

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