Recommended Tools, Books, and Software


Excellent Email Marketing Software. If you’re looking to try Drip, use this link for an extended 3-month trial.

My outreach software of choice. With a clean and elegant user interface and reasonable pricing, it is my current most recommended outreach software. When you upgrade from ‘trial’ to ‘paid’ use the code KaiLovesYou for a discount on your plan.


A high quality piece of outreach software with a very reasonable pricing structure. When you sign up, use the code KaiDavis25 to save 25% on your account for life.


My CRM of choice that I use to manage my deals and remind me who to follow-up with (and when). Get an extended 45-day trial when you sign up using this link:


MoonClerk is a simple, easy to use way to accept one-time, recurring, or subscription credit card (or debit card) payments for your business. It’s what I started using to accept payments and what I recommend to this day. You can sign up at http://moonclerk.comΒ — and if you use the codeΒ KaiLovesYou, you’ll save $15 off your first month’s payment.

Gravity Forms

WordPress only. Paid, with an annual license. You can get by with the basic license, which, as of this writing, is $39.

For bonus points, check out ‘LastForm‘, a $67 plugin that gives your GravityForm forms:

  • A hosted URL at /form/form#
  • Styling to look like Typeform


Monthly fee. Hosted forms or embeddable on your website by copying/pasting a snippet.

You’ll want the $14.95/mo ‘ad-hoc’ plan at least. If you want to also use Wufoo to accept payments, you’ll want the next-higher plan.

Google Forms

Free, from Google. Hosted forms. They’re good to get you started and will get you 70-80% of the way there.


Monthly fee. Free to $59/month. They have a gorgeous design but I prefer Wufoo or GravityForms to them. You need the $29/mo plan to have more than 10 fields, which you will have.

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