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The Vault is my gift to you, a premium resource library full of articles, summaries, references, primers, manuals, and more on growing and marketing your business.

This is vital information for you are a service provider, freelancer, or independent consultant.

You’re about to unpack a wealth of information, resources, and knowledge to help you grow your business.

Questions? You can always email me (Kai) directly at kai@kaidavis.com.


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You’re a busy person. Here are the top four resources in The Vault.

Get More Clients With Outreach Marketing

Get More Clients With Outreach Marketing

In this guidebook, you’ll learn the fundamentals behind running a successful outreach campaign.

Use these principles to stimulate conversations with decision makers, prospects, and clients

The Ultimate Guide To Client Testimonials

Do you want to learn how to get your clients to write you a great testimonial? Inside this resource, you’ll learn the questions to ask, process to follow, and what to do if the client drags their feet.

(Co-Written by Meg Cumby, who helps service professionals, agencies, and independent consultants get social proof without the awkwardness.)

Interview your client and propose a value-based price

Interview your client and propose a value-based price

In this guide, you’ll learn how to interview your client and propose a value-based price for a project.

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Guides, Findings, Reprints, and Primers for Freelancers and Consultants

Value-Based Pricing Prospecting Questions

Guide on Value-Based Pricing Prospecting Questions

This guide contains recommended questions on Establishing Business Objectives, Measures of Success, and Value and Assessing Your Personal Contribution To The Project.

How To Write A Pitch To Guest On A Podcast

How To Write A Pitch To Guest On A Podcast

If you’re approaching podcasts as a guest, then the strength of your pitch is often the key element.

In this guide, you’ll learn a simple process you can follow to refine and strengthen your podcast pitches.

Podcast Tours: Telling Your Unique Story

In this short activity, you’ll learn how to identify your unique story to pitch it to podcast hosts (and share it with their audience).

Podcast Tours: Identifying Podcasts

In this short exercise, learn how to identify podcasts for outreach for your Podcast Tour.

Podcast Tours: Identifying Your Topics

In this short exercise, learn how to identify the topics you’ll pitch for your Podcast Tour.

Prospecting Phone and Email Swipe Scripts

Phone & Email Scripts

You can use this collection of swipe templates (including the Prospecting Email Script and Prospecting Phone Script) as you identify, interview, and qualify your prospects.

Quick Start Guide: Setting Up A Client Intake Process

Setting Up A Client Intake And Application

Are you struggling to set up a client intake and application system?

This guide is for you.

It’s a quick start guide on how to set up a client intake and application. My video training program “Quick Start Lead Forms” is a more detailed training on setting up your client intake, but this quick start guide will help you get started.

How To Find Anyone’s Email Address

How To Find Anyone's Email Address

If you’re working on an outreach campaign, you most likely have stumbled once or twice trying to find the email address for the person you want to reach.

In this guide, you’ll learn the different strategies, tactics, and tools that I recommend to find anyone’s email address.

Recommended Outreach Tools

Recommended tools you can use to make your outreach campaigns more efficient and effective.

Outreach Email Templates

Outreach Email Templates

You can use this collection of email templates as a jumping off point for your outreach campaigns.

Content Promotion Manual

Content Promotion Manual

Become a master at promoting your best articles with the Content Promotion Manual. This guide will show you the best steps to take to promote your best content.

Content Promotion Checklist

Content Promotion Checklist

Once you’ve created your content, there’s the challenge of promoting the content.

Excerpted from the “Content Promotion Manual,” this checklist will help you promote your next piece of content.

The Freelancer’s Guide To Delegating Your To Do List

Delegating Your To-Do List

I’m a bit of a productivity geekΒ (my copy of Getting Things Done isΒ covered with highlights).

The Freelancer’s Guide To Delegating Your To Do List is a collection of the lessons, tips, and tactics I’ve found most useful when managing and delegating to-dos.

Content Creation Blueprint

Content Creation Blueprint

Creating content — writing articles, tips, emails, etc. — is one of the best ways to attract clients, demonstrate your expertise, and build your authority.

…But creating content can be a struggle.

What are you supposed to write about? Where are you supposed to find topics or questions to write about? And how do you know if it’s working?

In this short guide, you’ll get a blueprint for your content creation process and answers to some of the most common questions about your content creation.

Videos and Interviews

Video Q&A on Outreach Marketing

In this video Q&A, you’ll learn the exact steps you can take to pitch and promote your best content (60-minute viewing time)

Is Your Consulting Website Making These Mistakes?

In this presentation from the Double Your Freelancing Conference (2015), Kurt Elster and Kai Davis discuss the top mistakes that we see freelancing websites make.

Kurt Elster on “Podcasting as a Consultant” and “Getting over ‘The Fear’ of Guesting”

In this conversation with Kurt Elster, we discuss:

  • The value of appearing on podcasts as a guest as a freelancer or a consultant
  • How podcast guest appearances have helped Kurt Elster grow his consulting agency, Ethercycle
  • How to get over ‘The Fear’ of appearing on podcasts as a guest (Hint: You aren’t alone, my friend!)

Nick Disabato on “The Podcasting Experience”

In this conversation with Nick Disabato, owner of the design agency Draft, you’ll learn about the experience of appearing as a guest on a podcast.

Mojca Marš on “Podcasting as a Consultant”

In this conversation with Mojca Marš, you’ll learn about the benefits of appearing as a guest on podcasts as a freelancer or a consultant.

Mojca is the owner of a Facebook Marketing Agency and speaks directly to the benefits she’s seen from appearing on podcasts as a guest.

Audio Interviews

Standardizing Value Through Products and Productized Services

‘Introduction to Productized Consulting’ onΒ The Freelancer’s Show

‘Audience Building as a Freelancer’ onΒ The Business of Freelancing

‘Sit On The Same Side Of The Table As The Client’ onΒ Pricing Power

‘How Kai Davis Became A 6-Figure Consultant’ on CopyHour

Pipedrive Sales CRM 45-Day Gold Trial


If you need a Sales CRM to track your leads, deals, pipeline, and contacts, I strongly recommend Pipedrive. Pipedrive is what I use in my own businesses and Pipedrive is an excellent way to:

  • Track your ongoing deals
  • Manage your relationships with your contacts
  • Remember who to follow-up with, when, and why
  • Know exactly what activities to take each month to reach your goals (https://kaidavis.com/activity-based-selling/)

You can sign up for Pipedrive here:

And that’s the vault! Have a burning question? Looking for some advice? Think of something that you’d love to see included with this product? You can email me directly at kai@kaidavis.com.



β€” Kai Davis

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