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"I'm enjoying the interviews with Kai shared in The Vault" โ€” L. Johan Nissen

"Kai's sharing loads of great resources in The Vault. I love it!" โ€” Rachel Shillcock

"Iย subscribe to 1260 email lists. Kai's is the only one where I read every email and most of the time by the end of the email I think "can't believe he gives this away for free"

"In a sea of people selling snake oil online Kai Davis's content is the daily multivitamin that consistently makes your business and life better" โ€” Mike Smith

I knew that I had arrived as a consultant, when I was given access to โ€œThe Vault.โ€

Packed with ready-to-use, immediate value insights on launching and refining a business, I was able to make meaningful updates to my approach immediately after digging into the first couple items.

Thanks for creating and supporting such a fantastic community, Kai! โ€” Juli L.

Kai Davis

I'm Kai Davis, a consultant and writer.

Over time, I've been fortunate enough to be: interviewed on podcasts, invited to present at conferences, and contribute articles and essays on consulting across the web โ€” and world!

I've collected the best of talks, articles, and presentations and made them available for you, as part of this Premium Resource Center.