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Hi, I’m Kai Davis. I’m a digital/internet marketer. Here, I write about how independent consultants, freelancers, and firms can get more leads + market and grow their business. You can read more about me on my about page.

I own, a growth marketing agency for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, specializing in Search Engine Optimization.

Here, I offer services to help you market yourself and attract more leads. I also have informational products (books, courses) available to help you market yourself and attract leads.

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Recommended Articles

These are articles that readers, fans, friends, and colleagues call out as being great. I recommend you start reading here:

You can also browse all 500+ (!) articles.

Podcasts (and Podcast Guesting)

I LOVE podcasting. I’m a frequent podcast guest and host a rotating series of podcasts. Here’s where you should dive in:

  • The Business of Freelancing – A panel podcast I run on the business of freelancing. Tune in weekly to hear the ~3-5 person interview a subject matter expert or discuss an important topic.
  • Make Money Online (Retired) – Nick Disabato and I co-hosted this podcast for a 118 episode run. It’s a great show about taking no prisoners while running an independent internet business.
  • Get More Clients (Paused) – A solo podcast I started recording in Puerto Rico. It’s paused for now and will be coming back in the future.

You can find a partial list of the podcasts I’ve guested on and events I’ve spoken at right here.

One last thing…

I love hearing from readers (like you!). Feel free to (or tweet at me) whenever you’d like. (I read every message I receive and respond to as many as I can.)

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