Microconf 2015 Recap Page

This page recaps notes, lessons, resources, tips, tricks, and lifehacks™ from talks at the 2015 MicroConf conference in sunny Las Vegas!

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Speaker Presentation Recaps

These are folks who gave ‘formal’ talks at MicroConf. Talks with ‘Live!’ next to them have the recaps posted.  

  • (Live!) Patrick McKenzie — “Leveling Up”
  • (Live!) Joanna Wiebe— “Lizards Thru Doorways: Proven Ways to Widen Your Funnel Using Just Your CTAs”
  • (Live!) Jason Cohen — Q&A and Smart Bear Live
  • (Live!) Samuel Hulick — “Growing Your Userbase with Better Onboarding”
  • (Live!) Rob Walling — “An Inside Story of Self-Funded SaaS Growth”
  • (Live!) Jesse Mecham — How Bookkeeping Tripled My Revenue in Two Years (and Other Unexpected Cash Flow Advice)
  • (Live!) Sarah Hatter — “Do This, Not That: Creating an Exceptional Customer Support Experience from Day 1”
  • (Live!) Steli Efti — “How to Build a Solo SaaS Sales Machine”
  • (Live!) Hiten Shah — “Accelerating Growth: Grow Faster Without Working Yourself to Death”

Attendee Talk Recaps

These are folks who gave ‘attendee’ talks at MicroConf. Talks with ‘Live!’ next to them have the recaps posted.

  • (Live!) Keith Perhac —”The 3 Week Startup”
  • (Live!) Pawel Brzeminski — “How to Start a SaaS Business with No Idea, In Any Market, With No Connections, Using Only Excel, Email and Phone (or Conferences)”
  • (Live!) Einar Vollset — “How I Grew My Productized Consulting Offering To $100K YRR In 12 Months (and You Can Too)”
  • (Live!) Jacob Thurman — “Micro-ISV to Micro-acquisition: Selling my 11-Year One-Man Software Business”
  • (Live!) Robert Graham — “How To Systematically Fight SaaS Churn And Win”
  • (Live!) Andrew Culver — “Failed Payments: Fighting the Fly in The Recurring Revenue Ointment”
  • (Live!) Ted Pitts — “The Most Important SaaS Metric Nobody Talks About”
  • (Live!) Phil Derksen — “Lessons Learned Building a WordPress Plugin Business to $10k/month”
  • (Live!) David Kadavy — “Creating an Explosive Email Course”
  • (Live!) Brian Casel — “How I Designed Our (High-Touch) Sales & Onboarding to Run Without Me”
  • (Live!) Jordan Gal — “How to Aggressively Acquire Customers for your SaaS with an Efficient Outbound Sales Process”
  • (Live!) Justin Jackson— “Amplification – Content Marketing That Works”

Website Teardowns

Photos by Jeremy Green of octolabs.com

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